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The Cuckold Christmas Fairy

cuckold christmas fairy

The Cuckold Christmas Fairy returns, with a surprise. 1-800-601-6975

Welcome to the Sugar Plum Femdoms Holiday Blog Train! Our last post from Mistress Tabetha took us to the land of sissies. Our next stop is a wee bit darker indeed.

It seemed like a dream, when Trevor recalled the incident last year with the entity that called herself  “The Christmas Fairy.”  Trevor hadCuckold Christmas Fairy never met a woman quite like her. He also questioned on many occasions whether or not her shiny red cock was real because when she fucked him, he couldn’t tell the difference.

The Cuckold Christmas Fairy Returns

“You liked it. All of it.” That’s what she said to him when she returned, two weeks before Christmas, wearing a red cloak and her trademark shiny red latex from head to toe. But this time the Christmas fairy had a different agenda altogether. “I was far too lenient on you when we last saw each other, so I brought you a present…” A cloud of purple smoke appeared in Trevor’s living room. But instead of another “fairy” a tall, muscular male form appeared, wearing reindeer antlers and a wicked grin.

The Submissive Sissy Cuckold

He felt his body tremble. His male body that is, as he watched the naked cuckold bull approach him. He already knew, from several encounters with the Christmas fairy, what was expected of him. Materializing behind him, Brighton smiled, placing a warm hand on the back of his neck. “It’s time for you to greet your new charge, Trevor. You do remember how to properly greet someone in my presence, do you not?” she asked.  Her grip tightened as Trevor lowered himself to the floor, bringing him eye level with the stud. The twinkling tree lights, coupled with the crackling of the fireplace, created an ambiance that was both arousing and horrifying. As Trevor looked up at his new early Christmas gift, the bull smiled down at him, lifting his ample, girthy cock to Trevor’s lips, and sliding it into his open mouth.

Want to know what happens next, to our cuckold slut Trevor this Christmas? Call me, at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.

Up next on our Sugar Plum Femdoms Blog Train: Mistress Christine!

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Mistress Brighton knows that you’re a ballerina cuckold. 1-800-601-6975

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A Special Cuckold Series

A Special Cuckold Series

Mistress Olivia

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