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A Special Cuckold Series

Cuckold Series

A Special Cuckold Series

cuckold series

Mistress Olivia

I am very happy to announce a special cuckold series, brought to you by myself and Mistress Olivia! If you’re familiar with Olivia, then you know she is sexy, creative, and will leave you begging for more. If you’re not, you are in for a treat!

More Than Just A Cuckold Series

There will be more details available tomorrow, but what I can tell you, is that I am super excited about this series. This will be a special audio series that will be made available exclusively on Tease Mania. It will be a ten part series, posted daily by me – Mistress Brighton – and the smoking hot, incomparable Miss Olivia. The reason I say it’s more than just a cuckold series, is because it spins a teasing tale of erotic cuckoldry, and beautiful, intelligent women in control.

Intriguing Cuckold Fantasy

Imagine if you will, being able to listen to a come hither voice as she tells a story, so wickedly dominant, that you just can’t help but feel like you’re a part of the action, surrendering yourself to the feeling of being subjugated to a powerful woman, who seems to know all your weaknesses. You can’t resist that, can you? Desperate to know more? You can check out my Enchantrix Tease blog, for cuckold fantasies and much more. When you’re ready to fall under my spell, just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Meet your new cuckold phone sex mistress. 1-800-601-6975

Hello everyone, welcome to my cuckold phone sex blog! This is your captain speaking, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brighton, you can call me Mistress, Goddess, Empress, Queen, or simply, Ms. Brighton. As of this month, I will be taking over The . . . → Read More: Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckolding and Humiliation

There are many variations on the cuckolding theme and within the framework of the cuckolding fetish, but there seem to be a few misconceptions here and there about exactly what cuckolding entails.

I get a lot of calls from guys who tell me they want their wives to cuckold them and then go on . . . → Read More: Cuckolding and Humiliation

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Husbands and wives around the world use this phrase often- and for good reason.  It is true.  Any man who is smart realizes that the key to a happy marriage is keeping his wife happy. A truly smart man is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep his . . . → Read More: Happy Wife, Happy Life

I Have A New Convert In Cuckold Club!

It’s a great feeling when someone you know and love gets into a fetish that you personally have been into for quite a while now. You get really excited when they tell you about it, and you can’t help but try to share some of your own experiences with them. Sometimes you even get . . . → Read More: I Have A New Convert In Cuckold Club!

I Love Training My Cuckolds And Here Is How I Do It

For me, having a cuckold who sucks cock is a must. I know some Mistresses don’t require their cucks to get so intimately involved with their bulls, but what fun is that? I’m not one to miss out on fun, at least not voluntarily, so all my cuckolds are either already cocksuckers . . . → Read More: I Love Training My Cuckolds And Here Is How I Do It

My Thoughts On Cock Size and Cuckold Humiliation

Most of the time, when people think of cuckolds, they automatically picture men with tiny dicks being cuckolded by their wives or girlfriends who prefer much bigger dicks than the cucks have. And that’s a fair assumption because that’s usually the case when it comes to cuckolding. But it’s not ALWAYS the case, and . . . → Read More: My Thoughts On Cock Size and Cuckold Humiliation

Did You Know Cuckolding Can Be Spontaneous

Lots of guys imagine that cuckolding is something that requires a lot of careful planning to pull off. While that’s true in some cases, that’s not always how it goes. Sure, if you want your cuck to be with you and your bull while you’re getting dirty with each other, you have to make . . . → Read More: Did You Know Cuckolding Can Be Spontaneous

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating

Like I’ve pointed out before, there are all kinds of cuckolds. I’ve even written about quite a few of them here, and today will be no different. We’re going to talk about the unwitting cuckold.

The Oblivious Cuckold

The truth is that most cucks are aware that they’re being cuckolded. In fact, many . . . → Read More: Is Your Girlfriend Cheating

Two Reasons Cuckolds Love BBC

It’s no surprise that cuckolds love to see their wives and their girlfriends and their Mistresses with men who have big dicks. That’s what the fetish is all about! But there is a specific kind of dick that many of you seem particularly infatuated with. That, of course, is big black cock. Have you . . . → Read More: Two Reasons Cuckolds Love BBC