I Have A New Convert In Cuckold Club!

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It’s a great feeling when someone you know and love gets into a fetish that you personally have been into for quite a while now. You get really excited when they tell you about it, and you can’t help but try to share some of your own experiences with them. Sometimes you even get lucky, and they take your words to heart.

A Friends Cuckold Confession

This happened to me recently. One of my friends confessed to me that she was interested in cuckolding her husband. I was a little surprised because even though I’ve known for a while that the two of them were pretty adventurous, sexually, I never thought of her as a dominant woman. But apparently I was wrong! I’ve never been so happy to be wrong about someone, honestly. I was thrilled that she wanted to join the sorority of Cuckoldresses.

Is It Your Turn To Join The Cuckold Club

Of course, I gave her plenty of advice. I also invited her along on some of my adventures to watch me with my own cuckolds. I thought it might give her some ideas on what she could do with her husband. So tell me, guys. Wouldn’t you love to be one of the cucks who gets to show my friend how wonderful it is to have a good, obedient cuckold slave at her disposal? If you ask me nicely, I might let you do so. But first, you’ll have to give me a call!






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I Love Training My Cuckolds And Here Is How I Do It

For me, having a cuckold who sucks cock is a must. I know some Mistresses don’t require their cucks to get so intimately involved with their bulls, but what fun is that? I’m not one to miss out on fun, at least not voluntarily, so all my cuckolds are either already cocksuckers . . . → Read More: I Love Training My Cuckolds And Here Is How I Do It

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My Thoughts On Cock Size and Cuckold Humiliation

Most of the time, when people think of cuckolds, they automatically picture men with tiny dicks being cuckolded by their wives or girlfriends who prefer much bigger dicks than the cucks have. And that’s a fair assumption because that’s usually the case when it comes to cuckolding. But it’s not ALWAYS the case, and . . . → Read More: My Thoughts On Cock Size and Cuckold Humiliation

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Did You Know Cuckolding Can Be Spontaneous

Lots of guys imagine that cuckolding is something that requires a lot of careful planning to pull off. While that’s true in some cases, that’s not always how it goes. Sure, if you want your cuck to be with you and your bull while you’re getting dirty with each other, you have to make . . . → Read More: Did You Know Cuckolding Can Be Spontaneous

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Is Your Girlfriend Cheating

Like I’ve pointed out before, there are all kinds of cuckolds. I’ve even written about quite a few of them here, and today will be no different. We’re going to talk about the unwitting cuckold.

The Oblivious Cuckold

The truth is that most cucks are aware that they’re being cuckolded. In fact, many . . . → Read More: Is Your Girlfriend Cheating

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Two Reasons Cuckolds Love BBC

It’s no surprise that cuckolds love to see their wives and their girlfriends and their Mistresses with men who have big dicks. That’s what the fetish is all about! But there is a specific kind of dick that many of you seem particularly infatuated with. That, of course, is big black cock. Have you . . . → Read More: Two Reasons Cuckolds Love BBC

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Chastity and the Cuckold

Hi there, guys!  As I’ve pointed out before, there are all kinds of variations on the standard cuckold fantasy. Well, it’s really even hard to say that there is a “standard” cuckold fantasy simply because there ARE so many variations. But that works out well for all of you because it means that no . . . → Read More: Chastity and the Cuckold

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Hot Wife Begins Cuckolding Her Husband

Wally was happily married and loved his wife but had the sense that she was never fully pleased by him sexually.  One day last week, he finally got that confirmation, as his hot wife began cuckolding him.

Tiny Dick Husband Unable to Please Hot Wife

Even though Wally thought she was not happy with . . . → Read More: Hot Wife Begins Cuckolding Her Husband

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Turning a Cuckold Husband into a Sissy Cuckold

You are My Sissy Cuckold

You already are My cuckold.  I have a lover who pleasures me regularly and I flaunt it in your face.  You buy me pretty things; he makes me cum.

The trouble is, you seem to not be satisfied with the scraps you get, and that has to change. . . . → Read More: Turning a Cuckold Husband into a Sissy Cuckold

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Humiliation for the Sissy Cuckold in You

As I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, there are lots of different kinds of cucks and lots of different ways to be a cuckold. I don’t think there’s necessarily a “best” way, either. What’s best depends on the guy himself and on the Mistress who’s controlling him. What I want to talk to . . . → Read More: Humiliation for the Sissy Cuckold in You

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