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Are You a Cuckold?

“Am I a cuckold, Mistress?”

I hear this question more times each day than I can count.  It seems most of you already know you are a cuckold but you keep hoping against hope that maybe you thought wrong.  That your limp little dick is really big enough to please her. That she really is working late at the office every night, even though she doesn’t answer her phone. That the reason she asks you to lick her pussy when she gets home is because she’s so happy to see you.  That her pussy seems extra wet and tastes different because she’s extra horny.


You know as well as I do, dear cuckold, that she’s been out with a real man with a real cock, who can please her in a way your teenie weenie never could.  You know as well as I do, dear cuckold, that she wants you to lick her pussy is to drive that intense humiliation a little deeper.  You know as well as I do, dear cuckold, that she is extra wet and tastes different because you are licking a creampie filled pussy!

You Are a Cuckold

Go on and admit it already, you silly cuckold.  Do you want to be sitting there, tiny dick in hand, mouth wide open in utter shock and disbelief, the first time she brings him home to fuck in front of you?  Well, do you ?

I’ve already given you more than enough confirmation that, yes indeed, you are a cuckold.  But since I know you are in deep, deep, denial, I’m linking you to a past post that will tell the tale.  If you can answer YES any one of the situations on the “You Might be a Cuckold If” quiz, then…

All I can say is, if it looks like a cuckold, talks like a cuckold, acts like a cuckold, then perhaps, it IS a cuckold!!

Until next time, cuckies~

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