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Cuckold Confessions: My Life as a Sissy Cuckold

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This is another installment in my series of real stories, entitled: Cuckold Confessions.  If you are a cuckold, a bull, or a hot wife, and wish to be interviewed for this series, or if you just enjoy reading them, leave a comment and let me know.

Hello.  My name is George…. well, I should say my “given” name, is George.  My wife, her friends, and her many lovers, call me Georgie-girl.  I am a sissy cuckold.

Wife Disappointed in Small Penis

My wife and I have been married for 20 years, some of them happy, some of them not so happy.  We do love each other, which I think makes the difference.  I have always had a small penis, something Gladys didn’t find out until the wedding night.  I could see her disappointment when she realized it was already as big as it was going to get.  She tried to be nice and I tried to not see how much it bothered her.  We went on this way for many years, neither having the courage to talk about the elephant in the room.

George Becomes Panty Boy

Me being a panty boy all happened quite innocently.  I was feeling low one day when I was home alone, and put on a pair of my wife’s panties so I could pretend to be her and chastise me for having such a small penis.  Much to my surprise, I put those panties on and forgot all about my earlier plan.  They were so soft and silky and felt sooooo good against my little itty bitty.

It wasn’t long before I was putting on her panties and even stockings whenever she left.  Of course they felt so good and made me feel so naughty, that I always ended up masturbating in them.

Wife Catches Sissy

One day I was home masturbating, dressed in panties, bra, stockings, garter belt, heels, and lipstick, and my wife walked in!  She was supposed to have been gone for another two hours, but her plans fell through.  She barged right into the bedroom with an angry look and told me I should be ashamed.

She grabbed that dildo on the bed beside me and started fucking me with it.  She fucked me three ways to Sunday while she told me all about how horrible it was for her that I was a small dick loser, how humiliating it is for her now, to not only have to deal with that but to come in and find her husband dressed as a sissy slut?

Gladys Cuckolds Sissy George

Gladys seemed to love taking control and went on to say that she was going to start sleeping with other men; real mean with real cocks.  Not only that, but she started making me dress like a sissy slut and wait on my knees for her to bring home a guy.  It is my job to fluff the bulls before they fuck her, and the bulls are told to fuck me as I lick the cream pie out of her sweet pussy.

I have been her little sissy cuckold slave for the last 10 years, and I honestly believe it is what saved our marriage.  Oooh, gotta go.  Gladys called… she’s bringing home a present for Georgie-girl…

There you have it cuckies.  I hope you like this series.  I know I have really enjoyed hearing about all the different experiences.

Until next time,

-Empress Hunter

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