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Cuckold Vocabulary Lesson

Hello cuckies. I’ve been getting so many questions lately about what various things are called and what various terms mean, so I thought I’d take the time to give you your very own cuckold vocabulary lesson.

Where did the term cuckold come from?

According to the Wikipedia definition of cuckold, the word cuckold was derived from a type of Cuckoo bird who lays her eggs in the nest to mature and she goes off gallivanting with other male cuckoos, leaving her responsibility at home.

The same is true of a cuckold husband, the cuckqueen, or cuckold wife, also known as a hot wife or a slut wife, will derive sexual pleasure from other men while leaving her husband at home and in many cases, unaware.

Usually the cuckold husband is the last to find out what his wife has meaning been doing.  This is referred to as wearing the “horns of cuckoldry” that everybody who sees you knows what is going on and think of you as a dupe, but won’t say anything to your face.

What is a cuckold bull?

A cuckold bull is a studly man, many times a black man, with a hot body and a large cock that can pleasure her in ways that a cuckold cannot.

What is a cuckold cream pie?

A cuckold cream pie is a term that refers to the cum-filled pussy of the cuck queen or slut wife.  Typically, it is the job of the cuckold husband to lick the cream pie from his wife’s pussy while being reminded that his tongue is the only thing good enough to get close to her nether regions.

What is a cuckold snowball?

A cuckold snowball refers to the cuckold bull coming in the slut wife’s mouth and she puts it into the cuckold husband’s  mouth via a deep kiss.  Many times this is done in the process of training the cuckold to be a fluffer for her lover.

What is a buttered muffin?

As Ms. Brianna explains, in a recent Cuckold Boot Camp post,  a buttered muffin is when a cuckold wants to try to put his shrimp dick inside his hot wife after the cuckold bull has left a cream pie there.  Of course, the cuck queen won’t feel it; won’t have a clue the tiny dick cuckold is even inside her, which excites the pathetic cuck and his small penis.

What is compersion?

Compersion, as explained by sideline boy, is the state of euphoria a cuckold achieves when he is being cuckolded.  Typically, this occurs while the cuckold is being being humiliated by the hotwife in the presence of her lover.

There you have it cuckies, your vocabulary lesson of the day!

Until next time,

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