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Awakening to lure of cuckoldry



How did we get here?  How did we decide that a Cuckold Life was one that would work for us?  A few folks have asked inquired about the “how’s”.   Funny, these questions haven’t ever really and truly been pondered by Seth and myself  since the shift from vanilla to cuckold . . . → Read More: Awakening to lure of cuckoldry

In Seth’s Own Words: A cuckold husband speaks


Olivia is the light of my life, there is no question about this.  My willingess to become her cuckold husband is rooted in my intense love and devotion for her.  Its just that simple.  I could analyze our cuckold relationship to pieces and even overpay some shrink to tell me that the . . . → Read More: In Seth’s Own Words: A cuckold husband speaks

A new level of cuckold humiliation for Seth


My sweet cuckold husband Seth is so much more technically savvy than I am!  We had been discussing developing this blog on the art, trials and tribulations on cuckoldry for a couple of months.  He originally brought up the idea of blogging about a cuckold marriage, and I admit, I was very much . . . → Read More: A new level of cuckold humiliation for Seth

Cuckold Beginnings

I never thought of myself as the kind of woman who would be able to “cheat” on her spouse, much less learn how to cuckhold her husband.   I was raised in a strict household where family life is of utmost value and that honoring your spouse is key in establishing a solid, happy marriage.  . . . → Read More: Cuckold Beginnings


I decided to begin a chronicle of the experience of a married cuckold relationship.  Cuckoldry is certainly a taboo topic, though one that can be experienced and understood on many levels.  While it may not be for everyone, a cuckold approach to a relationship has essentially become the thing that has saved my own . . . → Read More: Introductions