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Little Dick Can’t Go the Distance

I talked to a pathetic loser with a little dicklette this morning, who was convinced that if he just tried hard enough, his “cock”- his term for that limp, tiny piece of flesh between his legs, not mine- would be able to please women. All I could do was laugh hysterically at his attempts . . . → Read More: Little Dick Can’t Go the Distance

You Might be a Cuckold If

Are you curious about cuckolding, but not sure it is for you, or not sure if you qualify as a cuckold? Here are a just few signs to help you determine if you are a cuckold. The fact that you are here should already by your first clue, but nevertheless, here are some other . . . → Read More: You Might be a Cuckold If

Cookie Turns Chuckie Into a Cuckie

When we last heard from hotwife Cookie, she was making erotic plans to introduce Big John to Chuckie the following weekend. And introduce, she did!

Chuckie Becomes a Cuckie

As planned, Cookie brought Big John home on Saturday night. Before she left, she left strict instructions with Chuckie to sit near the phone. She . . . → Read More: Cookie Turns Chuckie Into a Cuckie

Cuck N Bull

Rob and Jaime were happily married and sex was good. Or, so he thought. Apparently, Rob has an average to small penis that just isn’t capable of pleasing Jaime the way she needed to be pleased. Oh sure, sex was okay, but it was kind of like having balogna for dinner. If you are . . . → Read More: Cuck N Bull

Cookie the Cuckoldress

When we last saw Chuckie and Cookie, hotwife Cookie had just delivered the news that she was repulsed by Chuckie’s puny pee pee and had no inclination to ever it again. She also told Chuckie that while she didn’t have any use for his pathetic penis, she still loved Chuckie and his money . . . → Read More: Cookie the Cuckoldress

Meet Cuckie Chuckie

Meet Cuckie Chuckie. Cuckie Chuckie is a good looking suburban husband with a high paying job and a hotwife on his arm. On the surface, any man would admire Chuckie. After all, he’s atractive, has a terrific job, and is married to a horny hot wife who fucks his brains out every night. . . . → Read More: Meet Cuckie Chuckie

New Cuckoldress Arrives on the Scene

Hi! I’m Empress Hunter, The Cuckold Life’s new Cuckoldress. I am here to remind you that your wife needs a REAL man with a REAL cock to please her.

Limp Dick Losers

All you small cock and limp dick losers, listen up! If you weren’t sporting a pathetic excuse for a dick, you . . . → Read More: New Cuckoldress Arrives on the Scene