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Cuckold Vocabulary Lesson

Hello cuckies. I’ve been getting so many questions lately about what various things are called and what various terms mean, so I thought I’d take the time to give you your very own cuckold vocabulary lesson.

Where did the term cuckold come from?

According to the Wikipedia definition of cuckold, the word cuckold was . . . → Read More: Cuckold Vocabulary Lesson

Are You a Cuckold?

“Am I a cuckold, Mistress?”

I hear this question more times each day than I can count.  It seems most of you already know you are a cuckold but you keep hoping against hope that maybe you thought wrong.  That your limp little dick is really big enough to please her. That she really . . . → Read More: Are You a Cuckold?

Cuckold Resolutions

With the dawn of a New Year and everybody thinking about New Year’s resolutions, it seems appropriate that you make some resolutions of your own, cuckold.

Her Pleasure Before Yours, Always!

Being a cuckold is all about making sure Her wants and needs are met, something you cannot do (at least physically).  No worries, . . . → Read More: Cuckold Resolutions