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Cuckold Coercion – Reverse 300 Challenge

cuckold coersion

Cuckold Coercion with an evil twist. The reverse 300 challenge. 1-800-601-6975

If you have been following along with my blog posts on,  you may remember a blog I wrote about blowjob teasing titled: The 300 Challenge. I thought about that, how intense it would be for a premature ejaculator to concentrate all his energy on NOT cumming, or forfeit and end up in chastity for 300 days! What I came up with, is a rather sinister flipside of that: the reverse 300 challenge, some twisted cuckold version, where instead of you getting the blowjobs, you’re giving them. *cackling*

Cuckold Coercion

Imagine a scene akin to something out of tales from the dark side; the setting is the same, but less brightly lit. The dark sided 300 challenge that has a cuckold on his knees sucking cock if he wants to survive – ahem. But here’s the plot twist, the cuckold is already in chastity. For every cock the cuckold successfully sucks and brings to climax, he gets one hour off his sentence. What? You thought he’d get a whole day off? Bwaahahahahah! This is the dark side you twit, NOTHING is fair or for your convenience, here.

Reverse 300 Challenge Decides Your Fate

That’s not all, is it? Of course not! There are penalties for not making those bull cocks cum within the allotted time given – the time I decide you have – and you will pay the highest price for being a failure. Not only do you have no choice in completing all 300, if you fail to make any of the bulls cum, but they will also be allowed to use you as their personal fuck doll until they have been satisfactorily serviced. Oh come on, bulls have a freedom that pathetic cuck boys cannot even dream of. The Alpha man doesn’t have to ask to get pussy, even if that pussy is your backdoor. Sure you’ll be walking funny and more than likely brought to tears, but if I cared about your feelings, you wouldn’t be in this predicament. Think of cuckold coercion as the Christmas gift that keeps on…. taking.

Enjoying the Christmas blog train? There’s more coming! Stay tuned for our next stop.

Until next time…


Mistress Brighton


2017 Christmas Blog Train

3 comments to Cuckold Coercion – Reverse 300 Challenge

  • GirlieFF

    I’m in. I trust you’ll change the rules as you see fit. With no notice. My only request, if I may be so humble, is to record my journey and share it. Starting with Miss Erika. I need to make up for having such a tiny, insignificant cock. This is the perfect way. Thank you, Mistress.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Mistress Brighton i have been a CD/ TS and tiny penis sissy .I am confused about Alpha males as to why they fuck sissies and cuckolds ? If they have such Alpha large cocks and can get any woman they wanted to? Why be with someone who has a penis? Why would the Alpha man waste his time and sperm on cuckolds and sissies? If a man is with some one who has a dick isn’t he gay? No matter which end he is on.

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Brighton, This is sinister. Very strict but losers like me need this. If i am a novice cock sucker I could get used by 300 bulls. That is a very severe penalty.

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