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Your wife finally agreed to a threesome, but you know there’s going to be a plot twist in there somewhere don’t you? It’s the reason she made you sign, and agree to, the cuckold cum eating promise. And you knew you’d have to follow through if you wanted your wife to have this threesome!

The Cuckold Cum Eating Promise

Self explanatory right? You eat your cum in front of your wife, she agrees to have a threesome. Win, win. Right? Maybe… This is my twisted storytelling at work after all. You are very hopeful, that after you reluctantly ate your cum for wifey, that you would get to live out your fantasy of the threesome you’d dreamed of. Your wife smiled sweetly and said she was so happy you agreed to her terms. That’s where the plot twist comes in.

Cum Eating Cuckold Gets His Wish… Or Does He?

Of course he does! The wife even went so far as to pick the time, the date, and two men for the threesome! (record scratch) Wait what? Oh you poor poor little man… You thought you would be one of the dicks plugging your wife’s holes tonight? You see, when your wife agreed to have a threesome, she did not say who she agreed to have the threesome with. So I encouraged her to pick out two dream guys with pretty penises, and if you ate your cum… you got to watch.

Cum Eating Coach Mistress Brighton

Silly Cuckold Man Gets Gotten

Turns out your wife doesn’t really see you as much of a man, after all. And as the old saying goes, you need to be careful what you wish for, because you might get it! Don’t be sad, cuckold, your wife will make sure to humiliate you and put on a good show while two real men give her pleasure. Happy wife, happy life, right? Riiiiight, live it love it learn it, cuckslut! But don’t worry, with your new found cum eating experience, I’m sure your wife will let you clean her up when she’s done with her two studs, and that will be your time to shine.

Cum Eating For Cuckolds

Well that’s a no brainer right? You’re going to eat cum one way or another, so you might as well get used to the taste. It will please your wife to have such a willing participant for a cuckold husband. One who doesn’t balk at the seed dripping from her delicious cunt. So start practicing by eating your own, every time you fuck your hand. Need cum eating training? Oh well have I got news for you: Coached Cum Eating is the name of the game this month! You can get training from yours truly, The Mistress of Chaos and debauchery. Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Have a rockin cum eating month!


Mistress Brighton

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