Like I’ve pointed out before, there are all kinds of cuckolds. I’ve even written about quite a few of them here, and today will be no different. We’re going to talk about the unwitting cuckold.

The Oblivious Cuckold

The truth is that most cucks are aware that they’re being cuckolded. In fact, many of them may have (literally) asked for it. But some of them aren’t entirely sure. They may suspect that their wives or girlfriends are doing something on the down-low, but they don’t know for sure. They might even HOPE that’s what’s going on, but they can’t prove it. These are the kinds of guys who come to me to ask if their girlfriends are cheating on them. While I can’t know for sure, either, I can definitely tell you some of the indications. For example…look down. At your dick, I mean. Is it small? There’s a good possibility that she wants something bigger, then.

Your Cuckold Secret Might Not Be A Secret

Besides that, there are other signs, too. Does she go out often without telling you where she’s going? Does she seem to have any male friends that she spends a lot of time with? But the biggest question of all is…does she know that you love the idea of being her cuckold slave? Even if you haven’t told her, that doesn’t mean she’s not aware of it, by the way. We women have our ways of finding out things, after all. 😉