t-girl cuckolding

Mistress Brighton introduces you to T-Girl Cuckolding, a new twist on an old fetish. 1-800-601-6975

I find t-girls incredibly sexy. It’s having the best of both worlds, being feminine and having a nice juicy cock to fuck with. This got me to thinking about t-girl cuckolding: Can a transgender be a cuckold? My thoughts on that are… why not!!!! I’ve had my own experiences, both playing with, and fucking, transgenders. In addition to that, I’ve spit-roasted sissies before, with a t-girl.

T-Girl Cuckolding

The idea of a gorgeous “chick with a dick” fucking either me or bending over a sissy bitch and fucking her brains out, turns me on immensely.  Add t-girl cuckolding to the mix, and my panties are soaked just thinking about it. There is a difference between being a transgender, and being a sissy. Shemales can be dominant or submissive, but the one thing that differentiates them from sissy bois is the cock and the very feminine physiques. The majority of the sissies I do sessions with are very submissive, have clits for dicks (and they don’t even deserve to be called dicks), and more often than not, have those little clitty’s locked away. Apparently, there are exceptions, some sissies consider themselves such, and are fair to very well endowed. Not all transgenders have big dicks, but I do find t-girls intriguing and fun to play with. I’ve even talked about cuckolding my boy toy, with a transgender!

transgender cuckolding

T-Girl Cuckolding Puts Cuckboys In Their Place

It’s bad enough the woman in your life won’t fuck you because you’re inadequate in the bedroom, but as a scintillating plot twist, it would be even more humiliating if she was fucking a woman, who has a bigger dick than you could ever dream of. Depending on what type of cuckold you are, you get the pleasure of humility, watching a yummy transgender cock fuck your wife, or perhaps when she’s done pounding away at your wife, you’re next on the menu. On your knees with a transgender cock in your mouth; on all fours, getting fucked like a little bitch. Either way, you’ll be taking her load, and cleaning up your wife, afterward.

Is the thought of having a Femdom, t-girl cuckolding, transgender experience, flicking your switch? Let’s play together. 1-800-601-6975 is where you can find me, just ask for Brighton. See you soon, cuckold.


Mistress Brighton