You are My Sissy Cuckold

You are My Sissy Cuckold

You already are My cuckold.  I have a lover who pleasures me regularly and I flaunt it in your face.  You buy me pretty things; he makes me cum.

The trouble is, you seem to not be satisfied with the scraps you get, and that has to change.  You say you love me and you want me to be happy no matter what it takes, so now it’s time to back that up.

Exchanging Boxers for Bikinis

For starters, I’m going to throw out all your so-called manly underwear and replace them with panties.  After all, you’re not a man – He is.  If you were a real man, you would be fucking me instead of him.  He wears the boxers; you wear the bikinis.

Fluffer in Pink Panties and Lipstick

From now on, you’ll be getting him ready for me.  When he is due to arrive, you’ll be waiting on your knees in pink panties wearing cocksucker red lipstick. After you suck his cock and swallow his cum, you’ll get me ready for him by licking my pussy and then guiding his cock inside me.

Sissy Maid Fixes Dinner

No, you don’t get to watch.  You’ll change into your frilly, skimpy little sissy maid‘s outfit and head to the kitchen to cook dinner for us.  After all that fucking, we are sure to be starved.  When we are finished, you return with dinner for us on trays.

Famished, we eat dinner and talk about how amazing the sex was, in great detail, while you perform your cleanup duties.  After sucking his cock clean and licking his creampie from my pussy, you’ll take the trays back to the kitchen and do the dishes, while we nap.

You are now my sissy cuckold.

Until next time, pets~