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Your wife has been acting a bit strange lately, hasn’t she?  She’s been working later and later every night during the week, going out with her girlfriends on Friday and Saturday nights, and expecting you to treat her like a queen on Sundays.

Slut Wife in the Making

She’s been less interested in sex lately too- well, I should say less interested in you actually fucking her, but more interested in you licking her delicious pussy.  At first you didn’t mind, because you absolutely love to please her orally and consider that to be one of you greatest talents as a lover.  Then you started realizing she was wetter than usual- much wetter.

Cum Filled Creampie Pussy

In fact, if you didn’t know better, you would have thought you were eating a cum filled, cream pie pussy.  But she wouldn’t do that.  Has no interest in doing that.  She loves you and you take good care of her.  There’s just that one small flaw, but everything else you do for her makes up for that.

Average isn’t enough for a Hot Wife

You’ve always known you had an average sized penis and that she was a size queen, but you thought buying her nice things and pleasing her orally would be enough.  You’re finding out now, it isn’t.  But the funny thing about that is, the more you realize what is happening, the more excited you get!

Fuck My Wife While I Watch

At first, you were sitting home and stroking that cock furiously, thinking about her being out with another man- another man with a huge cock, stretching her so big she’ll never feel you inside her again.

Suck that Cock, Cuckie

But now, that’s not enough.  Now you want to watch them together.  You want to be made to hump her leg while you’re eating that cream pie.  OMG, you can’t believe you are actually thinking this, but you want to clean that cock off too!  You want to feel that huge monster cock in your mouth- you want to suck cock!

A Cuckold is Born

What’s happening to you?  Why are you feeling this way?  I will tell you why.  You are a cuckold.   Welcome to the cuckold life!

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