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There is something about hearing  a man begin breathing heavy, at the mere mention of his wife coming home from a girls night out, dress and hair in a disheveled state, still horny and frisky from her wild adventure, climbing on top of him, and describing in detail everything she did that night, and the mystery man she met at the club who rocked her world. And the great thing about cuckolding is, that even if the above scene isn’t your particular fantasy, the cuckold fetish is extremely pliable and diverse. There really is something for every cuckold.

The Many Flavors Of Cuckolding

I can safely say that the cuckold fetish is one of my favorite types of calls, and I love hearing all the different stories and implements to a callers fantasy. One very popular fantasy is one I’m sure you’ve heard about: Big Black Cock. But this isn’t the only preferred scenario. Some men like the idea of a woman riding their face, while she tells them about the steamy tryst she had in the VIP room. Other men enjoy a more humiliating aspect of cuckolding, involving small penis humiliation. And some aren’t into SPH, and simply get off on the fantasy – or reality – of watching their woman, with another man. And of course, there is the other side of cuckolding: Cuckqueaning. A woman who enjoys watching her lover fuck someone else, and maybe even helping with the cleanup… afterward.

Pick Your Poison

Cuckoldry is definitely a multi-faceted fetish, and I enjoy hearing all the new twists and turns that this fantasy can take. I am not shy about exploring all the avenues of a cuckold roleplay, and I’m very open minded when it comes to spinning a fantasy catered specifically for you.

My Other Blogs

I have a main blog: EnchantrixTease.com where I blog about a variety of my favorite fantasies and fetishes, and also a specialty blog that caters to sploshing! If you would like to learn more about sploshing, go to SploshingPhoneSex.com and find out why this fetish is so near and dear to me.

Ready to tell me your secrets? Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.