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Every year The Christmas Fairy visits all the good boys and girls and gives gifts and grants wishes. This year Beck and his wife were celebrating their first Christmas in a brand new home. Beck is a traditionalist of sorts, he makes good money, provides a luxury life for his trophy wife, and they have a fairly healthy sex life. However Beck has a secret, and so does his wife. And while everything is going just fabulous, there is something both of them are hoping for, and neither of them knows what the other one wants.

The Christmas Fairy – Holiday Cuckolding

The Christmas Fairy is also known for creating chaos, when – in her opinion – things are too quiet. So while Beck was at work, the lovely Fairy Domme visited with the wife. And 20 minutes later they were both in the Maldives. The wife was very startled, finding a beautiful latex Domme standing in her kitchen, but once the fairy told her the nature of her visit, she relaxed very quickly. You see, the fairy knew what the wife wanted, and in typical fairy fashion, swept her off her feet, and granted her first wish.

Surprise Bitch! It’s The Christmas Fairy!

Beck meanwhile had no clue that his wife had been visited by a magical being, and was sitting in his office chatting with one of his coworkers, about some silly myth of a fiery minx breaking into men’s homes and dressing them in panties. Beck wasn’t a mystic, didn’t believe in fairies and goblins, but by the time his lunch hour was up, he would have nearly wet himself. Because while sitting in his office, the whole space filled up with red fog, to the point where he couldn’t see two feet in front of him. When the fog cleared, his coworker was frozen with a look of sheer horror on his face, the fairy goddess standing behind him with her slender fingers and sharp red talons running up and down his shoulders. “Hi boys,” she said with a smile.

Beck Meets The Christmas Fairy And Becomes A Believer

I’m going to cut to the chase here, both men were terrified. The eery silence that fell over the office…. which was buzzing with office sounds a moment prior, was a tip off, that something was awry. And being that the christmas fairy knows more about humans than they know about themselves, when she addressed them both by name, and implied that Beck’s colleague would look better in lingerie before snapping her fingers and beginning the feminization process, Beck felt fear. Real fear, for the first time in his lily white life. “No Beck, you’re not high, you haven’t been drugged, and I am real,” she said, as his colleagues breasts began to grow and swell in size. The man sobbed and a female voice came out. By the time the fairy had finished turning him into a woman, Beck was feeling feelings he’d never felt before in his life.

Sissies Are Made – Sometimes Cuckolds Are Too

“Listen Beck, I know you love your wife, and she loves you, but what she doesn’t know is that you want something, that you’re afraid to ask her for.” Beck’s face went blank, The Christmas Fairy continued, “for Christmas, there’s something your wife wants, too, that she’s been afraid to ask you for.” Beck sat, staring in disbelief as the fairy fluffed Mark’s hair and told him his name would be Mary for the next 10 days. She leaned over, seductively kissing Mary’s cheek and leaving a glossy lip print on her face, “now you be a doll and go wait in the villa.”  Mary stood, confused and bewildered by her new body, the fairy snapped her fingers and Mary’s office attire changed into a tropical print bikini. Another finger snap, and she was gone. The fairy turned to Beck, “now…. would you like to know what your wife’s wish is?”

Beck Finds Out His Wife’s Secret

“You’re not going to turn me into a girl are you?” The fairy laughed, “I can only transform the willing. Your colleague will understand fully why I did what I did, because I’m in the business of wish fulfillment, and he er… her, seems like a nice enough guy….” she winked, “and since you’re “not” an asshole and you’ve been very good to your wife, I’ve decided it’s time for both of you to take a nice Christmas vacation and have a little talk.” Beck nodded in a complete stupor, finally blurting, “I just don’t know how to tell her what I want, and I’m afraid if I tell her she’ll leave me.” The fairy cocked her head to one side, well gee that’s funny, because that’s the same reason she didn’t want to tell you her fantasy!” Another snap of her fingers, and Beck stumbled backwards, finding the sudden bright sunlight startling. He felt the wood deck beneath him, and looked up to see his beautiful wife, wearing an aqua blue string bikini, and sitting and chatting with a gorgeous blonde – who just a few minutes ago was his coworker.

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The Cuckold Life Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Marriage Therapy With The Christmas Fairy

“So here’s the deal,” the fairy began, “you two are going to tell each other what you’ve been hemming and hawwing about, and I’m going to brief Mary on what’s expected of her.”  The wife, wringing her hands stood up, and approached her husband, “so… I guess I should just come out with it.. I am bisexual.” Beck blinked, before responding, “…is.. is that all?” She shook her head, “I wanted to know how you’d feel about being cuckolded by another woman, and watching… only watching, I’m not interested in a threesome, I would like you to be present…… that’s my fantasy.” Beck had never even thought about bringing another woman into the bedroom, he was a fairly vanilla guy, except for one thing. “Well, I guess I’m okay with that, if…. after maybe uh….” his wife watched him and waited for his big ask. Beck took a deep breath, and ripped off the bandaid. “I would like you to peg me,” he blurted, “with a strapon.”

Will The Wife Say Yes To Cuckolding With A Side Of Butt Stuff?

She paused for a moment, looked down, and immediately started giggling. Beck’s face turned red, looking up to find the Christmas fairy watching them like a tennis match, and smiling. When the wife finally stopped giggling, she smiled, and nodded. “I’m fine with pegging you, I mean I do know what that means…. if you’re okay with bringing another woman… into the bedroom for just one night?” Beck nodded, and decided not to say anything about who Mary was. Especially since his wife seemed smitten with him…. her. “Well then it’s settled!” the fairy said excitedly, “Oh, Mary will also be your live in maid when she’s not taking care of your wife’s other needs, and if she’s a good girl I told her we could discuss her transformation becoming permanent… which was her Christmas wish. Beck looked shocked, “what?? Wow. I never knew he um… I mean she wanted to be um… you know…” The cuckold christmas fairy nodded, “and I know your wife has a thing for blondes, so…. everybody wins!”  “You have the villa here for the next two weeks, now if you’ll excuse me I have to go visit everyone that was on my naughty list this year. You two enjoy yourselves!” The fairy blew a kiss and disappeared into thin air before Beck and his wife could thank her.

Pansexual Feminization Holiday Cuckolding

So it turns out The Christmas Fairy has a soft spot after all. No… not the soft spot inside your ass when I’m pegging you silly. The moral of the story is talk to your partner because you might surprise each other in a good way!  So what’s your big holiday cuckolding wish for Christmas? Call me and let me know! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Merry Christmas you kinky pervs!


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