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I never imagined I’d live to see the day where women’s rights to their bodies was challenged by a bunch of old smelly men with erectile dysfunction, but here the fuck we are. I believe now more than ever that a big part of the problem, is people who don’t have a uterus, making decisions for people who do, based on ignorance. And smelly old men who can’t get it up and are two wrinkles away from kicking the bucket, have no business regulating vaginas. With that said, cuckolding and chastity are an excellent choice for female led relationships. And since women aren’t b**y machines, might I also suggest we start regulating men’s bodies and handing out free vasectomies.

Cuckolding And Chastity

I will also add that I understand why marginalized groups are fed up with our bullsh**. Men all across the board – cis men – need a new hobby, maybe some diversity training, maybe a solid whipping for sport. I have a lot of ideas, as a sadist and all.. and I think that while tormenting men may not fix the probl- wait tormenting men absolutely will fix the problem, and it will make me feel better! Especially when that torment involves taking away the one thing men seem to be obsessed with, and replacing it with buttplugs, chastity cages, and women being free to enjoy the cuckolding lifestyle, fuck whoever they want without the threat of possibly having to spit out a potato to make some dumb fuck feel better about his insecurities. So what should women do if they actually still want to fuck their husbands?

Chastity And Pussy Free With Strapons

You lock up his dick, make him wear a strapon, ride him til the cows come home and then run off with your cute neighbor with the great tits who’s always flirting with you. If you’ve read everything I wrote so far and you’re wondering if I’m fucking mentally deranged, the answer is yes. And I’m fucking spitting mad. I have gone over two goddamn years without traveling; and then I got to walk out of a pandemonium, and straight into some misogynistic bullsh** all because someone is terrified that not enough white people are being brought into the world. To be frank – and if you want you can be jenny – we have enough white people in the world, and you guys have done a bang up job reminding us of that fact, along with how incompetent many of you are. I know.. I’m a feisty bitch when I’m angry.  So anyways I vote for snipping tubes, locking penises, and making women happy. And female presenting people happy. Because fuck you, that’s why.

That Really Funny Cuckolding Tiktok

There’s this really fantastic video that a black woman made about how to fix this nasty little issue of wanting more white women to procreate. I can’t say the deets here, but let’s just say Cuckolding BBC fantasy yeah? White women, black men, biracial offspring, white man picks up the tab… yeah? Yeah. You fuckers that approved this nonsense, are fucked. And you’re gonna get fucked hard. And speaking of fucked hard, how could I have forgotten pegging?!

Cuckolding – Pegging Your Male Chastity Pet

All cis men need to get fucked in the ass effective immediately, mistress pegging gangbang style! Some of you like it and your wives are going to find out when they slide that strapon in, just how much of a little bitch their partners are. All the more reason to cuckold you! If any ladies are reading this, your husband is probably a closeted butt slut. Take advantage of that and go to town.

Cuckolding And Chastity Satire?

This is not satire, this is me being tired of men and their wholly unnecessary shenanigans. This is also probably the reason I will never have spawn, other than the one’s church mouse made in my honor with his wife – that’s another story for another day. You wanna increase your numbers huh? What are you fucking cattle? Jesus Christ you people need therapy and shock treatment! Still here? Okay so if you want to call me – I mean if you’re not wetting yourself and crying, we can discuss all the ways a cuckold in chastity can serve women. Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton.


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