chronicles of cuckolding

Are you a simp cuckold? Read this to find out, and then call Goddess Brighton 1-800-601-6975

She’s the girl of your dreams, but she doesn’t know you exist, and if she did, she wouldn’t care. You’re not someone she would even consider fucking, but if you have money, she might spend it and waste your time and you’ll let her? So wait, if you’re not the boyfriend, and you’re not the cuckold husband, what are you?? Welcome to the world of simp cuckolding, loser!

Simp Cuckolding Explained

A simp is basically a guy with no title who showers the woman he desires with gifts, money, and attention, while getting nothing in return. Okay maybe that’s harsh, she might consider you the friend she tells about her sexual escapades with other men, and she’ll hang out with you until someone more important comes along. You’re not even her plan B, you’re plan C: The simp cuckold she uses to do things she normally wouldn’t or doesn’t want to do herself. And you have a somewhat parasocial relationship, with the woman you’re in love with, who regards you as nothing more than an associate and has no idea you think you’re her boyfriend. But how are you a cuckold, exactly?

The Accidental Cuckold Fantasy

You may have a delusional thought in your head, that you actually matter in this woman’s life, and she has no clue you feel this way. So when she tells you about her “boyfriend” you feel a range of emotions, including “how could she have a boyfriend when I’m right here??” Hahahahahahah… NOT! She’s your imaginary girlfriend, who’s cuckolding you with a very real boyfriend, and the fantasy begins right there, with you believing if you convince her to somehow see you as more than the scrawny simp that you are, you two can skip off into the sunset. Except that’s never going to happen. And to make matters worse, this hottie is going to bully you and use you even further, if she finds out your true feelings. She might even taunt you with details of her fulfilling sex life that you’re not a part of!

Simp Cuckold Masturbation

You spend a lot of time alone in your bedroom, jacking off to images of her riding her lovers cock, and even allowing you to sit there and watch, swimming through your head. You imagine her loving that you’re watching them, and secretly your cock throbs thinking about her including you and allowing you to clean up her pussy when she’s done getting filled. And then you shoot your load to the thought of her riding your face, moaning, telling you what a good little simp you are. Then post orgasm clarity kicks in, and you realized you just jacked off to a cuckold fantasy. You begin crying. End Scene.

Simp Cuckold Delusions

In the back of your mind, you know you will never be her boyfriend, but it doesn’t stop you from jacking off to her pictures, and the pair of panties you stole from her bedroom. You jump like a good little simp bitch when she calls; you spend your last dime hoping your gifts will make you stand out in her mind. But the truth is she takes your gifts and then gives all her attention to other men, and thanks you for “being a good friend.” Now if you were a man with a spine, you’d probably get some self awareness in therapy and stop having imaginary relationships with hot women who see you as an atm machine and a gopher. But alas, the further down the simp rabbit hole you go, the more it turns you on to be humiliated. So while her stud boyfriend is pinching her nipples and stretching her pussy with big cock until she screams and cums, you’re alone jerking off to the way she giggles and pats you on the head after you buy her lunch and pay her cell phone bill for her.

You’d Cum In Your Pants If..

The woman of your dreams could make you soil your shorts with a mere kiss on the cheek. Imagine if she was feeling generous and said, “Awww honey, you’re so good to me but you just aren’t boyfriend material” while patting your erection through your pants. “I’ll tell you what, why don’t you pull your dick out and I’ll give you a handjob. You’ve been so good to me… but only for 30 seconds and then I have to go pick up Armand from the airport.”  Well let’s face it simpy mcsimperson, you wouldn’t need about 20 of those seconds because as soon as her hand touches you you’re going to convulse and squirt everywhere.

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