Coerced Bi

Coerced Bi Bait And Switch Cuckolding with Mistress Brighotn 1-800-601-6975

Boy do I love to table the turns on men with “traditional” cuckolding fantasies. And by traditional, I mean the cheating wife taking massive dicks while you jerk off fantasy. Yes I did say table the turns, and in regards to turning tables, I LOVE using coerced bi bait and switch cuckolding, and turning my foolish fantasy boyfriend or husband into a cocksucking slut. Intrigued? Let’s continue!

Coerced Bi Bait And Switch Cuckolding

So let’s say you’re the hubby who has been badgering his wife to have a threesome that is more of him watching his wife get fucked by another man, than it is a threesome. Or if you’re really feeling froggy, you want to see her with multiple men (because you’re a pig), and she finally – after you have beaten off to enough cuckolding porn and begged and pleaded and been an annoying twatface – agrees to your “fantasy.” You’re all geeked that you get to watch your hot wife in a gang bang (oink oink), and the night comes when everything is supposed to go down… or so you think.

Coerced Bi Cuckold Gets What He Deserves

You come home and there are not one, but three handsome studs waiting in your living room. Your heart jumps, and you try to keep it cool, introducing yourself and talking to the men. While you’re breaking the ice, your wife comes out of the bedroom wearing a skimpy dress and heels, with her hair and makeup done, sipping some champagne. After some idle chit chat, one of the men chimes in and says, “well (insert loser husband’s name here_____), I’m really looking forward to your wife watching you suck my cock.” *sound of needle scratching record player* Wait… what???? Your wife laughs at your response and replies, “you know I gave some thought to your fantasy, and I decided it would be more fun to have YOU get gang banged by three studs, while I watch. Maybe if you do a good job of entertaining me, I might let you watch me fuck your boss, he is a stallion in bed. Now get on your knees and start sucking!”

Cuckold Gets Got

Cuckold husband realizes he’s been had, and drops to his knees, only to find that when the first stud whips out his dick, hubby starts getting hard. Hmmm… wonder what that means? Does wifey know something you don’t? Muahahahaha!!!!! Ready to be transformed into a cocksucking cuckold by Mistress? I’m ready to put you through your paces! Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton!


Mistress Brighton

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