This blog is all about how to find a partner in the cuckold life. For some people cuckolding is an active lifestyle, and for others it’s just a fantasy. The difference between fantasy and the cuckold lifestyle, is that fantasy allows a scope of experience that is sometime logistically impossible. For instance, your real life wife may not be into getting gang banged and filled with sperm for your amusement. On a simpler scale she may not even be interested in having sex with other people. But what if you don’t have a partner yet and you want one?

How To Find A Partner In The Cuckold Life

If you’re searching for your dream cuckoldress in the real world, that’s going to take time… unless you’re super lucky and meet someone straight away. Your local kink community is a good place to start…. Pro Dommes are not. Why? Because the likelihood of crossing over from a parasocial cuckold relationship, to skipping off into the sunset are relatively slim to none. Yes, that means you are NOT going to meet your future wife on a phone Domme line. Sorry guys!

A Very Humiliating Cuckold Thanksgiving

Find out how to find a partner in the cuckold life, with tips from Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Start With The Local Cuckold Life

You have a better chance of finding someone compatible if you peruse your local kink community meet and greets, than you do getting a Pro Domme to come home with you. But don’t be so bummed? The Dominant Goddesses at LDW are pros for a reason. You can vent to us, roleplay your cuckold fantasy “without getting slapped or arrested” and you can sort of look at us as your kinky therapists….. THAT WILL NOT GO HOME WITH YOU. LOL That means you will have to be open to meeting new people, and you’re going to have to work on your communication skills and tell your potential partner what you’re looking for.

Communicating With Your Kinky Partner

So let’s say you do meet someone who’s cuckolding hot wife material, you hit it off, things are going great, and you’re trying to broach the subject of being a cuckold. Straight forward is best in terms of say – they’re open to cuckolding – so you need to tell each other what you’re looking for in a cuckold relationship. If your ideal cuckolding relationship is relatively tame, chances are you’re going to have a better chance of finding Mrs. Right, than say if you are looking for a scenario that looks more like a porn flick. Keep your goals realistic. Unlike in fantasy, having a giant dong shoved up your ass and come out of your nose like a cartoon character, is probably not going to happen, and I would hope you know that and maybe if you don’t take a basic biology and anatomy course and don’t make me fucking slap you.

Save The Super Kinky Off The Wall Cuckold Fantasies For Us!

While you’re searching for Mrs. Right the cuckolding unicorn, please know that you can always safely play out your cuckold life phone sex fantasies with us! And no one will go the ER or get hurt in any way shape or form. So that fantasy, where your cuckold wife brings home two hung studs (or three, or four, or five, or…), and allows you to kneel by the bed watching her get railed, and then the cum loads spray you in the face? Yeah we can play that out my guy!

Got A Hot Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasy Or Question About Cuckolding? Call Me!

I love hearing your feedback and your zany cuckold fantasies because DUH! That’s why I’m here! So in the meantime, while you’re searching for your cuckold dream girl, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. We can totally pretend we’re married, play house, and I will happily slap you around with several cocks.


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