Do you remember what your life was like before you convinced your hot wife to cuckold you? Your cuckolding hot wife probably actually had a very healthy sex life with you, but that wasn’t enough. She doted on you and was the perfect wife filled with love and devotion. But that wasn’t enough. She wasn’t even interested in other men, sleeping with another man was the furthest thing from her mind, she only wanted YOU. But that wasn’t enough, for you. You wanted fantasy fulfillment, sadly – at the expense of your happily married life. Oh silly cuckold, when will you learn that sometimes you get what you ask for?

Cuckolding Hot Wife

Maybe in the new year, you now reminisce about how your cuckolding hot wife once had time for you, and all the things you took for granted were for only you. But now? Remember how she used to cook you breakfast and bring you your morning coffee? Remember the morning sex, shower head, and the beautiful home she kept for you? It seems that now she’s doing all those things for someone else who pampers and spoils her. It also appears that she no longer has to be a traditional housewife, because her lover turns out to be a better man, who appreciates what he has… and isn’t willing to share.

When You Get What You Ask For

At first you called the shots, sure, because your wife wanted to please YOU. But now it seems your wife isn’t very interested in catering to your every whim, because not only is her new beau a better lover, he does something you never did: He appreciates his “wife.” The corner of your mouth twitched the first time you heard him say it, because you couldn’t believe your wife would leave you for another man, after all, she loves you! I mean at least you think she does…. and yes she still cares about you, but the man she’s fucking, has turned into the man she’s dating exclusively, and now when you call, your presence is seen as an annoyance, and her new man just loves marking his territory to remind you of what you’re not getting, because you took it for granted.

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Was Fantasy Fulfillment Worth Your Happy Marriage

Oftentimes, what we desire in fantasy isn’t ideal in reality. Because of the price you end up paying, if your hot wife realizes the grass is indeed greener on the other side. And there’s a reason women aren’t interested in indulging some of their husbands extreme fantasies of cuckolding, threesomes, orgies. Number one it’s exhausting, number two it’s probably one of the biggest causes of divorce! Sorry I don’t have any numbers for you, just factual experience. So what happens when your fantasy becoming a reality works too well, is that your wife discovers that she doesn’t really wanna be married to some wimpy little man who gets off on other people fucking his wife. She wants a real man, and you know what? She deserves that!

Avoid Ruining Your Marriage Out Of Selfishness

Sometimes it’s just better to keep your cuckold fantasy just that: A Fantasy. Because porn stars are professionals, and not everybody wants to live a polyamorous lifestyle, or has the energy to be bothered with all of that. Does your wife need to know that you fantasize about her getting fucked by other men? Did you read the header fuckface???? Keep that to yourself, or call me and we can discuss it, and then you can go back to your happily married life where your wife thinks you’re this totally awesome guy, and I’m pretty sure she’ll appreciate you NOT sharing your cuck fantasy with her. But what if….

Is Your Wife About That Cuckold Life?

If you married a sexually adventurous woman, who’s down to bring guys into the bedroom, have orgies, loves to roleplay your hot fantasies.. HAVE AT IT! Remember don’t be greedy, and fucking communicate, because in the case of a woman who likes cuckolding, she’s going to be very upset with you, that you didn’t share your feelings, and THAT is going to cause a rift! Open lines of communication, and respecting boundaries- I SAID RESPECTING BOUNDARIES! Make sure you heard that part.

Cuckolding Hot Wife Phone Sex

So let’s say you prefer to keep the fantasy a fantasy, and keep your wife to yourself, because you’re actually not fucking stupid and realize what you have. Call me! I will be happy to guide you through the cuckold fairy tale you weave through your head, and into my ears. Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Now go tell your wife you love her and buy her something pretty that she likes.


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