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Harry was a regular man with big dreams of having a not-so-regular marriage. Yes of course Harry wanted to marry the woman of his dreams, but Harry also had a simp cuckold fantasy that he’d never told any of the women he dated. A cuckold wedding fantasy, where he and his bride to be took their vows in front of witnesses and an ordained kinky minister, with an extra added twist.

Cuckold Wedding Fantasy

When he finally did meet the woman he thought was the one, he sat her down and with a shaky voice and trembling hands, explained to her his wishes. Her eyes lit up and she smiled, “Oh Harry I love this idea!” Harry was so relieved he almost wept, and with that, he went about catering to her every whim. He let her pick out her engagement ring, bought her the finest gifts and showered her with affection, and when he finally proposed, his dominant dream girl took the reigns and said yes.

Cuckoldress Wedding Planning

From that point forward, his dream Goddess took control of planning the cuckold wedding, inviting guests, and choosing an all adult venue for the ceremony. She had a lawyer write up a marriage contract, and informed Harry that he would have to sign the contract and forfeit any of his rights prior to marriage, as a stepford cuckold husband, giving her total cuckoldress control. Harry agreed and blindly hung on her every word. As the days got closer to the wedding, Harry called friends to tell them of the private ceremony that was to take place. All his friends were excited he was getting married, but they were a little concerned with how quickly things were progressing. He addressed their concerns and told them that this is what he has always wanted.

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The Cuckold Wedding Fantasy Comes True

After picking out a best man, and a very special groom outfit, Harry confessed the situation to his oldest and dearest friend. His friend was shocked, but simply said, “if this is what makes you happy!” Giggling and women’s laughter could be heard across the hall in the women’s dressing room. The moment of truth got closer and closer, and finally there was a knock on the door. “They’re ready.”

A Cuckold Wedding To Remember

The music started, the groom and his men in place. Many of his friends were shocked to see him wearing a tuxedo jacket and shirtcocked, with a garter on one of his legs, and a somewhat frilly pair of men’s briefs. Everyone turned to see his beautiful bride make her way down the aisle. She was on the arm of a man Harry had never seen before. Tall, dark hair, green eyes, with a wicked smirk on his face. His bride to be was wearing a shocking satin crimson dress with a plunging neckline, a split going all the way up one thigh, a beautiful red veil, and a long train that trailed for several feet.

Cuckolding Forever For So Long As We Both Shall Live

As the mysterious man handed over the bride, he stopped, lifting up her veil and kissing her passionately. Harry blushed near as red as her dress, hearing the gasps of shock from the guests, and the giggles and whispers coming from the bridesmaid. Even the minister stifled a chuckle, before beginning their vows.  They said their “I do’s” and then the bride was presented a satin pillow with a key and a chastity cage on it, which she took, turning to Harry, and instructed him to prepare for his cuckold chastity, and lower his frilly bridal shorts.

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Cuckold Chastity And Contract

There were more gasps and murmurs as the bride proceeded to turn him to the guests so that they might witness his cock locking. Once secure, she took the key placing it on a necklace, which Harry fastened on her neck, naming her his owner. And then the signing came. Harry hadn’t fully read the contract, he only knew he was signing over his life to his dream bride, and he was excited. Everyone leaned in, watching him sign his name on his cuckold marital contract, and before the ink could dry, the minister announced them “cuckold and Cuckoldress.” Harry turned to kiss his bride, only to be upstaged by the tall, handsome man that had led her down the aisle. The man grabbed his wife, lifting her veil once more and kissing her even more passionately. His wife whispered something and he turned to face Harry. A collar and leash was fastened around Harry’s neck, and then he was commanded to get on his knees……

Cuckolding Happily Ever After – Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies

I know you’re wondering, what happens next? What did Harry do? How was the reception and the wedding night? Well this is where we fill in the blanks together! Make a choice and create your own cuckold fantasy story with me. For calls, dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. You can also opt for a texting session, and if you have a cuckolding fantasy you’d like turned into an audio, email me at with your script, and go to our custom erotic audios site for pricing. I’m excited to see what you come up with!


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