chronicles of cuckolding

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“It’s not that I don’t trust you, going out having a girls night-”

“Ladies night,” his wife coolly interrupted.

Joseph stammered, “y-yes, ladies night. It’s just that Brighton she-she has the voice of an angel, and looks like one.. but please be careful around her. She can be very persuasive.”

Anna twisted her face in confusion, and laughed, “what do you mean? Are you expecting she’ll cart me off to Indonesia, never to be seen again, turned into her sex slave or something?”

Taking a deep breath and slumping his shoulders in defeat, Joseph knew his wife did not understand why he was so adamant about discouraging her getting too chummy with her new lady friend. He couldn’t bring himself to tell her all the horrific tales of men, just like him – who had lost beautiful wives, and all of their dignity, when both they and their wives, fell under the spell of the Enchantrix Tease.

Chronicles Of Cuckolding

Anna was captivated by her smile. The lilt of her voice, the way she felt completely at ease with Brighton. The way her fiery eyes seemed to change from emerald green to hazel, and green again, when she spoke excitedly of her adventures. The intimate, cozy setting of the Japanese restaurant, the sake warming her entire being as she sipped, and they chatted. By the end of the night, Anna’s mind was swimming with impure thoughts. Thoughts she had never even considered, before tonight.

“The restaurant will be closing soon. Why don’t we go back to my place and hang out? You know… girl stuff- oops, I mean, women’s stuff,” Brighton said, giggling. Her eyes were twinkling jade green and amber.

The Wife, The Witch, And the Wardrobe

As Joseph hid, trembling in the wardrobe¬†armoire – how he’d gotten into her house, we may never know – the moans got louder. Cracking the door open, he peeked, seeing his wife as she entered Brighton’s boudoir, wearing nothing but a red and black embroidered kimono, open to the waist, and the black thong panties she’d worn under her dress. Her pert breasts were bouncing and swaying as she walked toward Brighton, surrendering to her embrace. He wondered what had they been doing in the other room, and why his wife’s moans had sounded so much more blissful… than when he made love to her?

One Man’s Dream Is Another Man’s Nightmare

The wardrobe door suddenly swung open. Joseph stood horrified, as Brighton turned and looked right at him. “Welcome, Joseph. I’m happy you could make it.” Brighton grinned at him, delightfully sensual, but there was a hint of pure evil in that grin. His body began to tingle. “I hope you don’t mind, Joseph, but I cannot let you leave. I don’t think your wife will mind, will you, pet?” she purred, looking at Anna, and affectionately stroking her face. Anna’s eyes glazed over in orgasmic bliss, she nodded to her new mistress.

The door to the wardrobe slamming shut of its own accord. Joseph heard a click. Panicking, he pushed and shoved on the door, but it was too late. He knew how this chronicles of cuckolding story was going to end. His wife belonged to Brighton, now. And so did he.

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