cuckold, cuckolding

Wake up and smell the creampie!

It begins innocently enough- or so it seems.

She starts having to work late.  She becomes much more social and starts going out with her friends more. She wants less sex from you- except oral sex.  She seems to want that all the time.

There are legitimate reasons for all these things so it really doesn’t mean anything, right?


The Unwitting Cuckold

It means everything.  She’s been cuckolding you and you don’t even know it!  More than likely, you are the only one who doesn’t know it.  Her friends all know about it because, well, women talk.  Her coworkers know about it because she asked them to cover for her if you called and she wasn’t there.  The neighbors know because they see her lover pull into the driveway with her behind him just moments after you leave for work some days.

Time to Wake up and Smell the Creampie

It’s funny how turned on you were getting just thinking that she *might* be cuckolding you, but now that you realize she almost certainly *is* cuckolding you, it makes you want to jizz on the spot!

Perhaps the next time she comes home and demands you lick her wet, sticky pussy, you should ask her to tell you all about how He made her cum over and over again with his big cock as you are licking his cum from her pussy.  Then, after you’ve made her cum again you can tell her how much you’d enjoy cleaning them both up as they finish and see what she says.

Until next time, pets~