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brenda in panties is a tiny dick sissy cuckold. After being marrried for a few years, Judy, his wife told him about her ex-boyfriend, Steve. Steve had a nice, big cock that she still dreamed about. A big 9″ cock that was nice and thick and oh so yummy! A big 9″ cock that pleased her like no other cock ever had.

As Judy told brenda in panties all about that big cock, brenda’s little clitty got hard as a rock, which made Judy laugh. She told brenda that she was in for a surprise next Saturday, which was brenda’s birthday. Judy wouldn’t give brenda any more information, which drove brenda wild with anticipation.

All week long, as brenda was going about her household chores wearing panties, bra, and thigh highs, her little sissy clitty stayed hard as rock with excitement. She had no idea exactly what was going to happen, but she just knew she was going to like it!

Saturday arrived and Judy dressed her in the usual panties, bra, and thigh highs, but also made brenda wear a short little dress and high heeled pumps. She put a blonde wig on brenda, painted her nails, and applied makeup. Satisfied with her creation, Judy told brenda they were going on a trip.

After a couple of hours in the car, during which Judy laughed at brenda for being unable to contain her excitement, they finally arrived at the hotel. brenda was told to go inside, remove the wig and the dress, and get on her knees and wait. Of course, brenda did as she was told, wondering exactly what was in store for her.

After a few minutes, Judy came through the door with somebody following behind her. Who was it? OMG! It was Steve, the ex-boyfriend with the big 9″ dick. Mmmmm, brenda was so excited, she creamed her panties right then!!

Not happy with this latest development, Judy made brenda get on her hands and knees and pulled her pretty pink panties down around her ankles. Immediately, Steve began laughing at brenda’s little dicklette. No wonder she was wearing panties… that wasn’t a dick, it was a little itty bitty… a little sissy clitty!

Judy pulled a paddle out of her purse and began spanking brenda, chastising her for not being able to control herself and creaming her panties with excitement. Steve joined in, telling brenda something that small shouldn’t be so hard to control, and when the spanking was over, he was going to show brenda what a real man, with a real cock can do!

brenda was both embarrassed and excited at the same time. her little clitty was rock hard knowing she was going to be a little sissy cuckold. After both were finished spanking her, brenda was made to watch them while wearing little pink panties , bra and thi highs.

Of course they were laughing at brenda and her small dicklette the whole time and naturally, Judy made brenda suck his big cock to get it ready for her. After he had left his creampie in her pussy, brenda was ordered to clean Judy’s pussy while Steve rubbed his big cock all over brenda’s pretty pink pantied ass.

Mmmm, now wasn’t that the best birthday present ever, brenda??

Until next time, cuckies…
-Empress Hunter

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