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Cuckold Cocksucking With Ms. Sirena

A cuckold is a versatile sort of sub who can have a good number of different duties for his Mistress. He can go shopping for clothes for her to wear on her dates (on his tab, of course), or he can be the person who cleans her house before she brings a lover home. Any number of different things, really.

Important Job On A Cuckold Resume’

But in my opinion, the cuckold’s most important job is one that takes place in his Mistress’s bedroom. Someone has to be the one to get the bull’s dick ready for me to enjoy, and that task is going to fall to you as my cuck slave. I’ll lie back and look alluring, and you’ll get down on your knees and be a good little cocksucker for me. Some Mistresses don’t think that their cuckolds have to suck cock, but I’m obviously not one of them. To me, you being a fluffier boy is an integral part of your role as a cuckold.

Learning How To Suck

If you need to be taught how to do it, I am willing to help. But I do expect you to learn quickly so that you can make yourself useful to me. Admittedly, my lovers rarely need help getting hard, but I do so love to see a little white cuck on his knees in front of a big black man. Swallowing down BBC will be one of your main goals in life if you decide you want to serve this ebony Cuckoldress.



5 comments to Cuckold Cocksucking With Ms. Sirena

  • “…but I’m obviously not one of them.” No, Ms. Sirena, you certainly aren’t!” Love it!

  • Sirena

    LOL you know it Ms. Hunter. If cocksucking is not on the resume of the wannabe cuckold, he need not apply! LOL

  • Little Pet

    This will certainly put a cuckold in his, or is it her, place.

  • Sirena

    I totally agree with you Little Pet. It’s about letting the potential cuckold know exactly where they stand, what will be required to by my cuck. If they can’t handle it then they aren’t getting the job! 🙂

  • Georg

    I love you Sirena. I am such a helpless cuck, always fantasising about sucking on a big black cock

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