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When most people think of a cuckolding bull, they think of black men with big black cocks, but Mark is a white man with an extremely big cock. For years, Mark’s girlfriends have commented on his big, beautiful cock, but Mark never thought of being a bull. Recently, something happened that changed all that.

Mark was out at a club with friends one night and found himself dancing with a very beautiful girl. As the night went on, and they danced closer and closer, it became apparent that she knew exactly what he had in his pants and wanted it. A little later, a man came over and asked to talk to Mark. Mark had seen him sitting near the girl he was dancing with, and was wondering if he was going to tell him to leave her alone.

Instead, the man ordered Mark a drink and told him all about the relationship he and his wife (the girl Mark had been dancing with) had. He explained that he was not able to please his wife with his small penis the way she was used to being pleased, so they have an arrangement where they find a men with big cocks to bring up for her while he watches. He then asked Mark to come home with them.

Mark agreed, but was quite nervous about it. When they got home and things started heating up, Mark soon forgot all about his nervousness. In fact, he found it to be one of the most incredibly exciting sexual experiences he had ever had. The couple also enjoyed having Mark as a bull, so they set up a once-a-week arrangement.

Since then, through word of mouth, Mark has been the bull in several other cuckold relationships and really enjoys fucking the hot wives while the cuck husbands watch. Mark is quite happy with his status as a bull, and especially likes it when he gets to turn the husband into his little bitch, as well.

Until next time cuckies,
-Empress Hunter

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