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This is another installment in my series of real life cuckolding stories, Cuckold Confessions. Please leave me a comment and let me know how you like them.
~ Empress Hunter

My name is Misty and I am what is known as a slut wife, or hot wife.  I fuck other men- sometimes in front of my husband, sometimes not.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband- it’s just that he can’t satisfy my insatiable appetite for big cocks.

Slut Wife in the Making

Duane and I were married right out of college and I just knew I would love him forever.  He was smart, funny, well hung, and rich- all things important to my happiness.  We had a fairy tale wedding and honeymooned in Hawaii, where we didn’t see much, because we stayed in the room and humped like rabbits.  He really was a good lover, and could recover almost immediately, allowing us to have sex four or five times a day- sometimes more!! Oooh, life was good!

Husband too Busy for Sex

We got back home and I was on cloud 9.  I had the house of my dreams and man of my dreams, who wanted to fuck as much as I did!  Then, he went back to work and it all went downhill from there.  Meetings, working late, working on the weekends, it seems all Duane did was work.  When I mentioned this to him, he said he had to work that much to keep me in the lifestyle to which I was accustomed.

Sexual Frustration and Boredom Set In

With Duane gone more and more, sex was less and less.  It went from several times a day down to once a week, then once a month, and eventually ceased altogether.  I was a young, good looking woman with a hyperactive sex drive, getting zero sex.  You can only masturbate so much, before you get tired of it and want a real cock again! What was I supposed to do?

Hotwife Looking for Bull

I did what any neglected, sexually frustrated woman would do; I went to the bar.  I flirted with all the young studs who were buying me drinks.  I danced with men, rubbing my ass against their cocks, feeling the hard bulge in their pants.  Naturally, it wasn’t long until I ended up in a hotel room, fucking one of those big cocked studs


Accidental Cream Pie Slut

That stud and I fucked for hours; I just couldn’t get enough!  When I finally did get home, as luck would have it, Duane was in an amorous mood.  “Damn!”, I thought.   “He’s going to smell sex on me.  He’s going to want to eat my pussy and he will know what I’ve done!”  Sure enough, he immediately started licking my pussy, commenting on how wet it was, and how it must have been too long, because he never remembered it tasting quite that good.  He licked my pussy for hours, loving every minute of it!

Slut Wife Confession Time

Well, as you might imagine, I felt all kinds of guilty, so I told Duane the truth.  I told him that I couldn’t stand a sexless marriage and that I needed sex every day.  Duane said he knew that was the case, but he just didn’t have the time or the energy to keep up with me.  Duane then confessed that he had always had fantasies of watching me with a black man with a huge cock.  In fact, he told me if I wanted to fuck black men with big cocks every day, he would love it!

Big Black Cock Cuckold

That was two years ago and many big black cocks ago.  Duane and I have, what we feel, is the perfect arrangement.  He works to keep in the manner to which I have become accustomed, and I fuck a different man with a big cock, every day.  Sometimes, Duane has an opportunity to watch, other times,  he doesn’t.  But no matter what, there’s always a sweet, hot, creampie awaiting him inside my pussy.

Until next time, cuckies-
Empress Hunter

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