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This is another installment in my series of real life cuckolding stories, Cuckold Confessions.  If you would like to be featured here, please submit your story as a comment to this post.  If you like the series, let me know that via comment, as well.

~ Empress Hunter

This is the story of James.  James is a good looking man with a high profile job, a decent sized penis, and a lot of money.  James has a serious girlfriend, whom he loves very much, and who is happy with everything about James, including his bedroom performance.  Unfortunately, James doesn’t share in her happiness.  Read on…

My Lady, My Goddess Deserves the Best

My name is James and I absolutely adore my girlfriend. She is smart, funny, sexy, and has a body to die for! We are both in our early 40s, but she gets mistaken for being much younger, all the time. Guys in their 20s are always flirting with her, and she flirts right back, which really excites me. It excites me, because it reinforces my belief that she is deserving of Goddess worship.

My Hot Girl Deserves to Date Other Men

I finally told Vanessa that she deserves to date other men, because there is no way a woman as perfect as she is should be happy settling for just one man. “In fact”, I told her, “I would like it very much if you date other men.” This confused Vanessa because she believes that if we really love each other, then neither of us should need or want to be with anyone else.

Goddess Begins Teasing Me

I told her I understand her point, but that I am really a submissive cuckold, who desires to hear about her dating and sleeping with other men. I crave it; it is what I need, sexually. After I told Vanessa this, she began teasing me during the many hours I spend eating her pussy. She has me eat my cum out of her pussy while she tells me all about how she is preparing me for the day when it will be someone else’s cum I am eating out of her pussy. I do enjoy this, but I soooo need for it to go further.

My Goddess and Her Strap on

Vanessa has also used a strapon with me, upon request. I told her I need for her to be a dominant mistress and take charge with it, telling me that soon she will be letting her big-cocked studs fuck me while I am eating their cream pies out of her pussy. Unfortunately, she does not go that far, and never really takes charge when using the strap-on.

Disillusioned Cuckold Wannabe

Now I am just so disillusioned, I don’t know what to do. We have been together for a couple of years, and I see now, that no matter how hard I try, or she tries, it is never going to happen. I am so torn because she is a wonderful woman, who deserves the best, but I need to have my cuckold desires satisfied, as well. Maybe someday, I will find the right girl that will understand my need. Until then, I try to get by, telling myself that I am still lucky to have such a wonderful woman.

There you have it cuckies- another real life cuckold confession.  What do you think James should do?  Do you think he should just be happy the way things are?  Do you think he should try to find another woman, more accepting of his cuckold desires?

Leave a comment and let me know what you would do if you were James.

Until Next Time,

-Empress Hunter

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