Hello, my sweet, adorable, perfectly fucking useless little cuckolds!

Today I have an assignment for you. Smile, look at me eagerly, and nod. Say, “Yes Mistress!” and mean it or you will absolutely be sorry, my little cuckies.

Good. Here’s your assignment.

Something to Ponder While you Watch your Hot Wife with her Big Black Bull

Next time you’re watching your lovely, passionate, far too hot for you wife get her pussy thoroughly pounded by a man with an ass shaped like a perfect chocolate cupcake – an ass you secretly, desperately want to touch mid-thrust, to see if it’s as hard as it looks, to feel those muscles over his dangling balls as they slap against your wife’s ass – next time, I want you to contemplate something. Something a little existential, something vaguely French and exotic.

Think about this: it might just be better sometimes to want something than to have it.

Is it in Yet?

You want your sexy, hot wife. You want her to let you stick your little willy into her cunt. Be honest, it doesn’t end there though – you want her to smile at you, and run her fingers down your chest, to let her perfectly manicured nails scratch lightly over your little nipples on your completely underwhelming chest. But in reality, she’d laugh at you and wonder if your dick was in yet.

An Unrealistic Fantasy or an all-too-real Reality?

If you just dream about it – if all you have is that violent, hot ache in your stomach whenever you think about her – isn’t that better? At least you still get to watch her throw her head back, hair on the pillow, throat arched while her lover shoves into her so hard she scoots up the bed and bangs her head into the headboard.

She doesn’t even notice. If you tried that, she’d push you off and glare at you; when he does it she comes, and you get to see his hot sticky cum ooze out from around the base of his massive cock where it’s pressed deep into her pussy. You get to watch as it trickles down the crack of her ass.  And if you’re really good, maybe- just maybe, she’ll let you have a lick of that tasty cuckold cream pie!

Sometimes watching and wanting is better than having, my pathetic little toy poodle of a man. Sometimes your little dream – that someday you too will make her eyes glaze over – is better than the reality that she would be, inevitably, disappointed in your tiny little pecker.

Which is better?   Cuckold Fantasy or Humiliating Reality?

What do you think, my little cucks?  Better to fantasize about her actually wanting your minuscule member while watching her with a real man, or would you rather enjoy her laughing at the useless Vienna sausage sized piece of flesh between your legs?

Until next time, cuckies,

~Empress Hunter