cuckold giantess

What is it like to serve a Cuckold Giantess? 1-800-601-6975

Do you know what the only downside is to being a Giantess AND a size queen? Being a cuckold Giantess means I demand length and girth giantess cuckoldand will settle for nothing less. However, when all the men are smaller than you are, it doesn’t matter if the bull is well endowed because to a fifty-foot woman, ALL of you men are small to me. Which leads to an unsettling predicament. What to do with all those tiny men? That’s where cuckolding gets interesting.

Cuckold Giantess Uses Tiny Men in a Special Way

For a cuckold giantess, this means I have to be creative in the separation of the men from the boys, or in this case, the tiny dicked losers from the SUPER tiny dicked losers. So the biggest tinies, have special tasks, like holding my vibrator for me and licking my clit with their long thick, tiny tongues, while they fuck me with said vibrator. And the reward the bulls get? Those with the largest “tiny man” cocks, get a special oral treat from their Giantess Queen. But the tiny men with grains of rice for dicks? They get humiliated in ways that might seem immoral to anyone who isn’t as sadistic as I am.

Cuckold Giantess Humiliates Tiny Dick Losers

The big boys of the tiny world have it easy and live a pampered life. But the unfortunate tiny dick tinies, sometimes…. they ARE the vibrator. What I like to do is strap a vibrating bullet to their bound, naked bodies. And then… I have my tiny bulls hoist them up, and sliiiiide them in and out of my warm, wet, giantess cunt. A few have been smothered in the process of becoming my human dildo, but I feel it is a fitting sacrifice. After all. That’s the only way those tiny dicklets are ever going to get any pussy. ¬†And the ones that survive? If and when I allow my tiny bulls to cum, guess who has to be their fluffer and clean up the mess? Hahahahahahaha! Are you ready to be my Giantess Cuckold? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. But, be careful! If you don’t measure up, you may have a decidedly grim fate awaiting you.

Happy Trails and Fuck Off!


Mistress Brighton