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cuckold story

This cuckold story doesn’t have a happy ending, for the cuckold. 1-800-601-6975

A weapon is only as good as the person wielding it, or in the case of the unfortunate fellow in this cuckold story, is it the other way around? Yes, my poor guy was soon to face facts, and realize that he wasn’t quite the swordsman he thought, and that his cuckoldress wasn’t going to settle for a pairing knife, when she could have a katana blade. Thus, he would enter into the realm of being a man who was less than. And as you read this story of the unlucky cuckolded pet, you will discover just how he ended up further agitating an awkward situation.

This Cuckold Story Begins With Suspicion

She was always going out with girlfriends, bars, clubs, dancing. Sometimes she’d have girls only shopping excursions and be gone for hours. And whenever he would ask where she was going, or why she had stayed out so late, her response was vague, only serving to fuel his curiosity. Sometimes there would be the minor lover’s quarrel, where he would complain, and whine about how much time she spent with friends. Which would lead to his gorgeous brunette accusing him of not trusting her, and guilt tripping him into apologizing. And for a while that would be enough. Until one day he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

He began following her on her girls night adventures, making sure never to be spotted. Although he would instantly feel guilty as he carried out his ridiculous plot. You must be wondering – as I had not previously mentioned – what was the sex like? Was there any other reason her guy might behave so erratically? The sex for them was… okay. As he thought back to all the times he had actually had intercourse with her, he realized that he spent a lot more time licking her pussy, than he did penetrating her. And when he did actually have sex with his lady, he never did last very long, and when it was over, she would lay back, naked against the pillows, legs spread, and from underneath those pillows, she would retrieve her handy dandy osaki vibe. He would watch, often helplessly, as she brought herself to orgasm without any assistance on his part. But we are digressing from the subject at hand, aren’t we?  Her beau was following her, to and from the club, sometimes trailing her in broad daylight to her private boutique adventures. At first, finding nothing that would denote foul play… until the night that he was supposed to be working late, and instead, followed her back home.

When The Cat’s Away The Mouse Has Company

His heart was racing, as he watched her get out of another man’s car, and lead him inside, and upstairs to their bedroom. He went through the range of emotions: anger, grief, despair, especially when he recognized her new friend was the guy he always saw at the gym, who strutted his stuff, naked in the men’s locker room. And he had quite a lot to strut. A lot more, than our poor little cuck. At first he thought of busting through the door and catching her red handed, but then another thought crossed his mind. He wanted to watch them. As he crept up the stairs, he heard the sound of giggling and passionate kissing. But as he got closer to the door, the amorous noises stopped, and the door swung open. His lady, and her friend, standing there smiling at him.

She Knew All Along

If this had been a case of spy vs. spy, then indeed our cuckoldress had outsmarted her guy. Cuckold cock control had been part of her plan. Revealing to him, that she knew he had been following her for the past two weeks, and that he’d been lying about working late, he realized his mistake, and that she’d been onto him, the whole time. He began apologizing profusely, but she put a finger to his lips and stopped him. “I have a surprise for you, honey,” she said. That’s when he looked up, and noticed the chains and shackles hanging from the ceiling. “Since you don’t trust me, and you’re so worried about me cheating on you, I decided that I would put all your fears and speculation to rest.” She ushered him into the room, pulling off his jacket as she did so, and whispering into his ear. “Why yes honey, it’s true, your cock just doesn’t satisfy, so I’m going to let you watch, and show you just what makes my pussy purr, and gets me off.”

Not The Happy Ending He Expected

And so this would be how her guy ended his night. Hanging spread eagle, from the ceiling, naked and helpless, as he watched from above the bed, as his lover – perched on all fours – received the biggest, thickest cock, he’d ever laid eyes on. He realized he had done this to himself, and that the punishment fit the crime. This was not the end, for her cuckold and his shortcomings, no. This was only the beginning of his journey into cuckolding and servitude, the first chapter in his cuckold story. Tonight he would learn a valuable lesson, as he watched and listened to her cries of pleasure as she writhed, bounced, and swayed with bliss. He would also learn the answer to the question: Why do cuckolds get so turned on? His less than adequate erection fully visible from up above.

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