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Do you wish your wife of girlfriend would cuckold you, but she won’t? This is more common than you might think.

Share the Beauty

Men who are married to a hot wife often times are so proud of her beautiful body and sexual prowess, that they want to share her with other men. The cuckold wants to watch men with big cocks fuck his hotwife, knowing that she belongs to him.

She Deserves the Best

Many men adore their hot wives and wait on them hand and foot. They draw bubble baths for them, massage their feet, etc. This type of cuckold believes their wives deserve to be serviced by big black bulls, since their puny penis obviously isn’t enough to please her.

Small Penis Humiliation

Many cuckold wannabes realize they have tiny dicks that aren’t enough to please their lady, and want her to enjoy being fucked by real men with real cocks. Cuckolding in this context is just an extension of small penis humiliation.


A lot of cuckold wannabes not only want to see their wives get fucked by big black bulls, but they want to be fluffers for the bull. They have as much interest in sucking the bull’s cock and possibly being fucked by the bull as they do in watching their wives be fucked by him.


Many small dick cuckold wannabes dream of their wife dressing them in panties, garter belt and stockings before putting,cuckolding scenarios. As you can see from each of the scenarios, contrary to popular belief, more often than not, it’s the man who desires for the woman to cuckold him.