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Hello everybody, Willow here from virtual world phonesex, and I’m raiding the blogs again. I wanted to do a cuckold blog, and specifically about why a man who considers himself an alpha man, would want to be cuckolded by his wife. Really though, this blog is for the women, to shed some light on why the man in your life would want to see you with another man, and how that benefits you.

Cuckolding Alpha Men

If you’re a woman who is confused because recently your man asked if you would want to fuck someone else, let me give you a few reasons why you would want to do this, and what it does for you. First: Your man is going to get his spunk up, watching you get fucked by someone else. Not only will it turn him on and spice up your sex life, but I can guarantee you that he will fuck the sh** out of you after either watching or hearing about it. Giving you high-quality sex is primarily about YOUR pleasure, and he is also re-establishing dominance after your being with another man. So it benefits you because he’s going to want to please you and make you cum, make you scream, make you wet; for him, it’s competitive, because he will want to fuck you and out-perform the other man. It will restore his raw, animalistic sexual energy. Not only that, but he will want to fuck you more.

cuckolding alpha men

Men Like A Challenge

Yes, cuckolding puts your partner in a submissive role, but only while being cuckolded. There is a challenge that comes with a man pursuing a woman. Men like playing for points. Men like competing and being able to win, in the end. When he knows another man has your attention, he’s going to be challenged to regain your focus.  And trust me, he wants your attention, and he wants to give you his. Cuckolding long term, will also boost his self-confidence, and constantly raises the bar for him to do more and more for you sexually, and in the other aspects of your relationship. This is not just about spicing up your relationship; it’s about improving the overall dynamic of your relationship.

cuckolding alpha men

He Wants To Please You

So please, ladies, if you man says he wants to see you with another man, and you’re comfortable doing so, talk to him about it.  You are not emasculating him in any way, nor are you cuckolding him to humiliate him.  Consider indulging him, and yourself. You may find that getting your lover riled up in such a way, blows the doors off your current status, and once you get a taste, you will never want to go back. Take it from a black woman femdom switch, whose lovers have enjoyed Sex Olympics and learning new ways to please me. You can find me here at Enchantrix Empire, and also on sexy texting, and by calling 1-800-539-4566 when you’re ready to explore cuckolding alpha men.

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