Cuckolding and body worship

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I have a knack for spinning demented fantasies that nobody ever saw coming. So if we’re going to pair cuckolding and body worship, just know that this is not going to be your typical male chauvinist loser – who couldn’t get his wife to indulge his cuckolding gynarchy fantasies even if he paid her – type of fantasies. You’re going to be crying when I’m done curb stomping your ego.

Cuckolding And Body Worship

Meet joe the cuckold wannabe and pussy free reject has-been-never-will-be who thinks it’s okay to ask women for pictures of their pussies and mansplains things that he thinks a woman wouldn’t know or would be impressed by never. Women he wouldn’t have a chance with ever. Joe is a fucking creep, actually, and there is only one thing I like doing to creeps like joe. I like destroying them. Mentally and emotionally. Joe likes to ask stupid questions like “does that make your pussy wet?” No, joe, you’re freezing cold in that regard. Or says he knows how to please a woman with just his tongue. The reality is that joe has been dumped by every woman he’s ever gotten close enough to possibly have intercourse with. He’s also been cheated on – not cuckolded in the realest sense of the word – cheated on. Because his style of oral sex shows he has no idea how to actually please a woman, and because he ignored any and all constructive bedroom criticism, and would argue that he “doesn’t need to do all that” because he knows how to please women. And then can’t understand why the women who cheat on him and dump him, cheated on him and dumped him.

How Not To Get Laid

Joe is a fucking tool with the personality of a day old crumpled newspaper swirling in the wind with no destination and no purpose. Women cannot stand pricks like joe. Joe loves pushing boundaries and trying to force women to do what he wants. His longest relationship lasted around 5 years, and in those 5 years he was lucky if he had sex once a month. Then joe met me. He expressed his desire to be dominated by a strong beautiful woman. But the woman couldn’t be fat or ugly, she had to be a 10 out of 10. Joe is a 1.5 out of 10 with bad breath and poor hygiene. I gave joe everything he thought he wanted in a dream Domme, ignored him when he failed miserably to top from the bottom, and kept him crawling back for more.

Cuckolding And Body Worship Designed For Losers

Then he found out I had a beau, and well, his obsession with being cuckolded by me reached a drunken staggering new high. He wanted to watch us; he wanted to be allowed to participate; he wanted wanted wanted and wanted – numerous things he wasn’t ever going to get. Joe frowned when I mocked him, frowned harder when I laughed at his cuckolding fantasy ideas. And then I mentally fucked the little ingrate so hard that watching him crumple and cower actually make my left nipple tingle just a wee bit. Wanna know what I did? I’ll tell you.

Cuckolding Humiliation And… Did I Say Body Worship?

I finally agreed to allow him to participate, but on my terms. Joe began frothing at the mouth, ranting and raving that once he ate my pussy I would fall madly in love with him. I told him he wasn’t getting anywhere near my pussy, and that I wanted him to worship my body in a different way. I told him to get naked. Joe made a spectacle of himself, tripping over his pants in his haste to get naked for me. My lover stifled a laugh at one point, and joe turned beet red… like all over beet red, embarrassed. After stripping he tried to climb onto the bed and received a furry slipper to the face that knocked him backwards. Oh… joe doesn’t necessarily have a tiny dick, but since dick alone doesn’t turn me on, I snort giggled a little when he fell to the floor.

Then I made him put on a full body condom.

Body Worship Humiliation… I’m Getting To The Point Here… Promise

He was very upset that he had to wear what resembled a giant clear life sized trash bag over his entire body, but I told him if he didn’t do what I said I was going to have him escorted out wearing nothing but his receding hairline. So let’s get to the good part, here. Once the full body condom was on, I made him kneel in front of the bed. I slipped off my fuzzy slippers to reveal some old grey socks, then lifted my left foot up for him to ahm… worship. He complained that the sock tasted horrible and smelled even worse. That’s when I told him they weren’t my socks, and that my boyfriend donated them for this joyous occasion. He actually looked like he was going to cry, so I made him lay on his back on the floor, and told him I’d make him feel better.

The Grand Finale? Joe Gets To Watch

I proceeded to rest my feet on his latex covered face, then my boyfriend got up and grabbed a broom and began patting (or sweeping?) joe’s crotch with it, while I rubbed my stinky sock covered feet up and down on his face, with extra special detail to his nostrils. He immediately started complaining, and begged us to just start so he could finally watch and finish. Finish? Who said anything about finishing, we’re just getting started! My boyfriend helped him up and sat him in a chair – muttering something about being glad he was wearing the body condom because “these chairs are really expensive.” He then placed a vibrating wand on his crotch, taped it in place, and securely tied him to the chair so he couldn’t escape.  “Perfect honey! Are you ready?” I wiggled my eyebrows, jumped up, kicked off the sweaty gym socks and my robe, revealing some old short shorts and a cropped graphic tee with masters of the universe on it. My boyfriend grinned and said yes. Without another word I grabbed the vibrator remote, turned it on high, and jumped on the bed laughing… just as my partner brought out the board games.

Of Course This Is Cuckolding…

Joe shrieked and raged demanding to be set free and writhing in the bound chair. After exchanging a glance with the beau, he nodded, grabbed the old socks, and stuffed them in joe’s mouth so we wouldn’t have to hear him talk while we were playing candy land. We spent the rest of the night laughing, playing board games and sipping chardonnay. Joe was eventually allowed to go home, and is probably in therapy now after what I did to him. *rapid eye blinking*

So How Exactly Was THAT Cuckolding And Body Worship?

Well it’s simple: Joe got to worship my body by not being allowed to touch me ever, and he got cuckolded in the best way possible: Getting to watch me and someone I fuck regularly, do something entirely non-sexual, while having a good time at his expense. Awww do you want real cuckolding and body worship? Too bad buttercup, because in my world that’s as real as it gets, and touching me is a privilege.. not a right. Don’t fret my pretties! If you have better manners than joe, we can chit chat about your cuckolding fantasies, and I might actually sit on your face maybe. By the way I’m fucking brilliant, you’re gonna want to call me for mind blowing cuckold phone sex. And you do have to call me first! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Don’t forget, we have a 20% off special for all Multi-Mistress phone sex calls for Femdom February! And read my multi-mistress sploshing phone sex blog to find out who’s on my wishlist for some wet and messy fun!


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