While the two can both be true for several people who consider themselves, cuckolds and/or sissies, they are not mutually exclusive. Let’s shed some light on the differences between cuckolding vs. feminization and answer the question: Are you a cuckold or a sissy? Or are you just a fucking whore? LOL

Cuckolding Vs. Feminization

So first what is cuckolding? Contrary to what you see in porn – or any of your domination phone sex fantasies, cuckolding is a consensual lifestyle between cuckold husbands and their wives – or partners if you’re not married – where the wifey cuckolds her partner with another man, or men… her prerogative. What cuckolding is NOT, is some horny man demanding his wife fuck other men so he can jack off. That’s not cuckolding morons. Cuckolding is also NOT getting your wife gang banged so you can jack off. If it’s not consensual it’s not cuckolding.  Feminization or the sissy fetish, is a lifestyle for some where they enjoy the “fantasy” of being feminized in a coercive fashion, and stripped of your masculinity. Sometimes the two overlap. For example: Cuckold husband who is in a consensual cuckold relationship, whom also has a fetish of being sissified. Let’s have a quickie chat about why some people don’t like the sissy fetish before we proceed into the differences.

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Is The Sissy Fetish Problematic? Of Course It Is! Duh!

How can I put this delicately? Alright sissies I’m gonna give you the care bear stare for a moment and talk to you sternly. Some people who are transgender do not like the fetish because they feel it’s dehumanizing and harmful to trans people. Some black people don’t like the fetish because of many sissies fixation on black men’s penises and misogyny towards black women which is inherently racist. I’ve spoken to a few sissy fetish enthusiasts, who A. didn’t know waving around a sp*de symbol was offensive. Much less getting that symbol tattooed on your body, or calling yourself the Queen of sp*des which is actually disgusting. B. started out in the sissy fetish, and THROUGH that fetish discovered they were transwomen and have since transitioned. And also learned how to behave and not be a loaded douche cannon. C. Some trans people still enjoy the sissy fetish and are not offended by it, but are also aware of the issues it can cause. Note: That sort of behavior will not be tolerated here and if I catch you being rude to black women I will have your balls gilded and hung from my christmas tree. Are we clear? Let’s continue back to cuckolding vs. feminization.

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A Cuckolding Dynamic I’ve Seen Many Times – The No Sissy Zone

Many times in the past I’ve seen a phenomenon where the women who were cuckolding their husbands, lost interest in their husbands, and were also completely turned off by their husbands wanting feminization. This is why I think it is essential to discuss your needs, wants and desires, before you enter into a partnership/marriage with someone who doesn’t really wanna do your thing. I also wrote how to find a partner in the cuckold life. Because communication has to be a part of your relationship, and springing it on someone to do what you want in a relationship is very toxic. So let’s say you meet someone who’s okay with cuckolding, but is not okay with you prancing around in panties? You will have to decide if – you are interested in both cuckolding and sissification – you can compromise and give up the sissy part, or agree to terms where you do that with someone else. Food for thought: some cuckoldress women very much enjoy FUCKING their husbands! Which means she’s going to be very unhappy if her husband can only get hard for other men’s cocks and wearing panties, and not her pussy.

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However If She Doesn’t Mind Being Married To A Dickless Wonder Of A Cuck Sissy Hubby…

Then green flag! Green lights! Go go go! Your wife doesn’t mind if you’re a prissy little bitch! JACKPOT!  Because there are also dominant cuckoldresses who will quite happily marry you, feminize you, peg you, fuck other men, make YOU fuck other men, and never fuck you again. My point is, manifest the type of cuckold wife you want, and both of you will be happy campers. But…. what if you’re a sissy but you are not interested in cuckolding? What if you only want to fuck one woman for the rest of your life, and you want that woman to be your wife and sissy Domme? Same rules apply: FIND YOUR MATCH. But don’t try to impose your will on anyone. The key to remember is the two can be combined, or separate, as long as everyone wants the same things. But but but…. what if you like the cuckolding and sissy fetishes in fantasy without the committment? Oh… you’re a hobbyist… in which case option three is right for you: Being a fucking whore. lololololol

The Cuckold Vs. Feminization Hobbyist Whore

Oh… you’re that guy huh? You want to be cuckolded, but you don’t really want to be cuckolded, and this is more than just a hot wife fantasy, you want to watch a woman get fucked, possibly end up being tossed around by a couple of studs like a holiday pinata. So you’re actually just a whore…. I have a secret to tell you: IT’S OKAY TO HAVE A FANTASY AND BE A WHORE. You know what I love about fantasy phone sex? That in your head, no one gets hurt, and after you wake up with your own cum on your leg and face, you can rest assured knowing you spooged in confidence, with someone who doesn’t mind indulging your filth from time to time. Which is literally why I exist!

Setting The Sissy Cuckold Whore Scene

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