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A lifestyle cuckquean has just as much fun as a cuckoldress! 1-800-601-6975

Way back in October of last year, I did a cuckolding blog about a women cuckold – aka cuckquean – and if you read that blog, you know that cuckolding a woman, can be just as fun and enjoyable, as cuckolding a man.

The Cuckquean Is A Lady

A cuckquean is defined as a woman with an adulterous husband, but as with male cuckolds, this definition is one of many. Women who are submissive, or even switches, can be cuckqueans and enjoy watching their husband or lover getting off with someone else. In most “lady cuckold” scenarios, it is another woman fucking her s/o, but the other woman could very easily be another man, if that is the preference.

The King Cuck

For the man in this type of relationship, you don’t necessarily have to be a dominant male. It is possible for a submissive man to cuckold his dominant lady if it is her desire for him to do so. There are many infinite variables to having a cuckquean agreement, and that does include being the clean up girl – if you’re comfortable with that – and orally servicing both your partners. My personal take on cuckqueaning? I will be honest with you – while it is not my preference to be cucked – as I prefer being the cuckoldress – I have no problem occasionally indulging a lady friend who wants me to ride her boyfriend like an angry horse. Besides, I’m greedy, when it comes to dick. Want to know what else I’m greedy for? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Have a cuckquean story for me? I would love to hear it!