A Very Humiliating Cuckold Thanksgiving

My cuck had a very humiliating cuckold thanksgiving, but not for the reason you think! Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

I had a very fun cuckold thanksgiving. What did you do Miss Brighton, you ask? I had a very nice and quiet dinner with my lover and my cuckold boyfriend, and the best part was I didn’t have to cook – I kinda did anyway – but the cuck did most of the heavy lifting…. NAKED.

A Very Humiliating Cuckold Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, cuck bunny was required to wear a cute pink satin bow collar, and an anal hook with a chain attached to the collar, and he was allowed to wear an apron while cooking, but nothing else. During dinner he served us delicious food, and then knelt by the table rubbing my legs and feet while me and the boy toy chatted, ate, and sipped wine. So what happens next? Well as you can imagine, holiday meals are filling, and properly digesting food is a must, so we all relaxed by the fireplace, my feet on cuck boys back after he was given permission to eat. But don’t you worry, cuckie definitely got stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey laterrrrrrrrrrr! Yes, I took the hook out first.

Cuckold Thanksgiving Privileges

While not a normal occurrence, I do sometimes allow cuckapalooza to watch me having wild horny sexy times, but it is only because he’s not your normal tiny dicked cuckold. As a matter of fact I don’t take on tiny dicked cuckolds, like ever….. unless they’re paying a whole lot for the privilege! Cuck boy has a 9 inch cock and knows how to fuck like a maniac, but he also has a submissive side that he indulges via being my big dick cuckold, and occasionally sharing me with the men of MY CHOOSING. Because I don’t just fuck anybody and I’m very selective of whom I have penis in vagina fun with. Cuck boy also enjoys being pegged and teased with anal toys. I never have to ask him to bend over twice!

The Benefits Of Having A Big Dick Cuckold

Those should be pretty obvious. For one you never have to worry about your lover having enough dick to satisfy you. And for two, if you have a partner who has BDE in addition to a meaty schlong, you never have to worry about him behaving like some deprived incel in or out of your presence. Because big dick intelligent cucks know how to behave and conduct themselves in the presence of a true Cuckoldress. But what if you’re not a “big dick” cuckold, and you still want to live the cuckold lifestyle? I’m going to tell you a secret: Not all cuckoldresses require you to have a ginormous penis.

Cuckolding And Dick Size For Normal People

What a headline huh? LMAO! The truth is that cuckolding is not just about having a big dick, or a small dick. Cuckolding simply is about the pleasure of a woman, the problem is that many cuckold porn vids are centered around mens pleasure, and have absolutely nothing to do with the real cuckold lifestyle. It is possible to have a very healthy sex life with your partner, and her lovers, and you don’t have to be into hardcore humiliation – like I am, and he is – to be a cuckold. But if you are into humiliation….

Cuckold Humiliation For Average To Larger Size Dongs

Yes I said DONGS! So let’s say you have a big dong, and you want your lady love to treat you like a redheaded sph loser. You may be surprised to know that many average sized (I don’t really believe in average sized but I digress) men enjoy being humiliated for having a small penis… even if they don’t actually have a small penis! Like a fantasy where you have an incredible shrinking cock, for instance. It’s kind of like the opposite of those guys that call us and immediately start moaning and groaning and telling us they are stroking their 14 inch cocks. BTW if you really had a 14 inch cock life would be hard for you and not in a good way, we know you’re lying ROFLMAO!  So don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!

Cuckold Humiliation For The Tiny Dicked Tragedies Of The World

Come on, you tiny dick guys are easy. You literally have a sad cum if we so much as roll our eyes at you! If you want to be sph’d into a puddle while being berated for being a cuckold loser, call me! I’d be happy to also ram your ass hard with the biggest strapon you can take while I remind you that you’re the weaker sex for a reason. Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton! And don’t forget: If you can’t call I have phone sex audios for sale and you can order a custom audio… annnnndddd you can purchase and email package or a sexy texting session!


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