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Many times the cuckold relationship is portrayed as the slut wife with a spineless lil’ dick wimp of a husband, who has sex with big black men while the loser husband sits in the corner and masturbates. In reality, the cuckold relationship can take on many forms- one of the most common being that the man wants his wife to sleep with other men because he is proud of her and wants to share her with other men.

She Doesn’t Understand your Cuckold Desires

Almost every day I receive a call from a dejected man asking what he can do to help his hot wife understand why he wants to share her with other men. Some men are afraid to even bring up the subject, while others have tried to discuss it with their wives with little success, and still others have been trying unsuccessfully for many years to get their wives to cuckold them.

Many men are frustrated that their wife either can’t or won’t understand their desires and sometimes harbor resentment which only makes things worse.

Are You Being Selfish?

Before you get bent out of shape, you need to ask yourself, “Did I make it all about HER when I was trying to explain my desires, or was it all about ME?” If your answer was that it was all about YOU, then no wonder she kicked your cuckold fantasy ass to the curb! If you really want her to cuckold you, then be prepared to do a lot of work and have a lot of patience. If you still want your wife to cuckold you, knowing all that, read on…

Worship Your Goddess

The best chance you are going to have at getting your wife to agree to cuckolding you is by treating her like a Goddess. Give her massages regularly, draw bubble baths for her, eat her pussy without expecting anything in return. Do these things and more while telling her constantly what a Goddess she is and how much she deserves to be worshiped. Keep it up, even when you think it is hopeless. I have talked to men who did those things faithfully for a number of years before she finally gave in. Now she’s a cuckoldress of epic proportion!

The moral of the story, is this: If it is something you truly want, then be diligent and patient while keeping the focus on her and it will pay off. Get greedy, impatient, or bitchy and you may as well kiss your opportunity goodbye!

Until next time cuckies and wannabes,

-Empress Hunter