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The cuckold couple was on hiatus, but now we’re back

My apologies for being away for such a long time. Seth and I have been very busy over the last few months, what with work, taking care of ourselves, our cuckold relationship with Jordan, and then we went on a short vacation at the beginning of the summer. Our vacation was wonderful, and after these few months with Jordan, we invited him to go with us on our vacation so that we could experience more of him while away from the confines of our city. Jordan relented at first, wanting to give us time to ourselves, but we all knew that I would find another lover while there anyway, so why shouldn’t he go and have fun with us? He finally gave in. What man wouldn’t give in when he has a sexy woman like me to sleep with? Seth has really enjoyed watching us together, having sex, being loved by someone else other than him. It has been over a year since Jordan and I had met over dinner and I thought it was best to kick off our first year correctly since our first cuckold experience together. We decided to go to Hawaii for our vacation and it was so beautiful. I had purchased a sexy black bikini that made my skin look so tan, and Jordan could not keep his hands off me or his cock away from me.  On the flight over to Hawaii, I just had to tease his cock, but of course, I couldn’t give him what he really wanted, until we got to our destination. Seth looked a little jealous at first, but after a while of watching Jordan with his hands all over me, Seth let his cock take over.

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