The naked cuckold learns about CFNM

The naked cuckold is a story of CFNM and what happens when serving a hellcat. 1-800-601-6975

Being an unconventional cuckoldress, I don’t believe men automatically deserve to have any proximity to me just because they have a penis, and in female dominated cuckolding our pleasure is priority. If you read the cuckolding and body worship blog, you will have grasped – if you weren’t busy being a whiny little bitch – that men and their entitlement issues make them VIP candidates to be knocked down several pegs, by me. So here’s the next rung: The naked cuckold and CFNM.

The Naked Cuckold Learns About CFNM The Hard Way

Imagine being humiliated due to your own hubris, being given a second chance, and having your ego annihilated once more when I tell you the rules of engagement for servitude. No clothing in my presence ever. No looking at me ever. Do all your chores, remain naked no matter what me and the boyfriend are doing, and if guests stop by, that means they get to see you naked, too. What are you complaining for? You wanted to be in my presence 24/7 and you got your wish. Except the “man” of the house gets to kick your ass and oversee all your cuckolding and house bitch duties. You see, I know you envisioned being my cuckolded house husband, but you forgot who you were dealing with.

CFNM Cuckold Humility

Yes I told all my Femdom gal pals that you’re a little bitch troll. I also told them what I’ve subjected you to, so of course they’re invited to stop by any time and put you through your paces, when me and the BF aren’t around. That means my Femdom house sitters also get to kick your ass real good. And you’d better be on your best behavior, naked cuckold, because some of them are even more cruel than I am, and I have no problem lending you to them for a few weeks if you can’t handle fulfilling the simplest tasks I give you, and keeping your goddamn mouth shut.

The Naked Cuckold Meets The Featured Femdom Mistresses

As a matter of fact I’ve decided to give you some rigorous CFNM training: A week with each of the featured Mistresses of the day! I’m sure they have homes and dungeons that need cleaning. So your job is to service them any way they want, including being a maid, house bitch, fluffer, strapon fuck doll, anything they want they get and you do as Mistress commands! Why are you crying? I thought total female domination is what you wanted? I can’t help it if they’re all diabolical mind fuckers and will have you sore and whimpering daily.

Mistress Of The Day CFNM

On my Enchantrix Tease blog I have a little scavenger hunt going on. You will have had to have done calls with all the Mistresses to date, to be eligible, and for added effect, for the remainer of the month, you’re gonna do all your calls stark naked. Didn’t call all the Mistresses on their Featured Mistress days? Awwww, that’s too bad, it means you get no freebie from me. But you can start calling all of them NOW! For starters call all the ladies you missed talking to and apologize for being a tool. Offer them some comfort in the form of ignoring you, or you could do what my peachy friend did to one of her subs: A two mistress CFNM ignore call where you whip yourself and spank that ass loud and clear for the ladies to hear, while they catch up and get to know each other! But you have to call ALL OF THEM. So who’s all of them?

All The April Featured Mistresses

April 3rd, Mistress Erika
April 5th, Mistress Alina
April 7th, Mistress Delia
April 10th, Mistress Lena
April 12th, Duchess Willow
April 14th, Mistress Rachel
April 17th, Mistress Kay Marie
April 19th, Mistress Harper
April 21st, Mistress Jenna
April 24th, Mistress Claire
April 28th, Mistress Fiona

If you missed any, hop on the phones and fix that, naked. For the remaining mistress days, you get 10 free minutes with each Mistress, one their designated day. Collect all those free minutes like pokemons!

Cuckolding And CFNM With Me!

If your kink is being humiliated and cuckolded with a heaping serving of CFNM, call me! Dial 1-800-270-4645 and ask for Mistress Brighton. And remember even if you cry, it’ll be awesome.


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