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Cuckie Chuckie and Cookie part 4

Here’s what was happening when we last left new cuckold Chuckie and hotwife Cookie:

“Cookie’s plan was to have Chuckie suck Big John’s dick, but she figured she would have to sternly order him to do so. What happened next surprised Chuckie as much as it surprised Cookie and Big John. Chuckie reached up . . . → Read More: Cuckie Chuckie and Cookie part4

Cookie Turns Chuckie Into a Cuckie

When we last heard from hotwife Cookie, she was making erotic plans to introduce Big John to Chuckie the following weekend. And introduce, she did!

Chuckie Becomes a Cuckie

As planned, Cookie brought Big John home on Saturday night. Before she left, she left strict instructions with Chuckie to sit near the phone. She . . . → Read More: Cookie Turns Chuckie Into a Cuckie

Cookie the Cuckoldress

When we last saw Chuckie and Cookie, hotwife Cookie had just delivered the news that she was repulsed by Chuckie’s puny pee pee and had no inclination to ever it again. She also told Chuckie that while she didn’t have any use for his pathetic penis, she still loved Chuckie and his money . . . → Read More: Cookie the Cuckoldress

Meet Cuckie Chuckie

Meet Cuckie Chuckie. Cuckie Chuckie is a good looking suburban husband with a high paying job and a hotwife on his arm. On the surface, any man would admire Chuckie. After all, he’s atractive, has a terrific job, and is married to a horny hot wife who fucks his brains out every night. . . . → Read More: Meet Cuckie Chuckie