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Meet Cuckie Chuckie


Meet Cuckie Chuckie. Cuckie Chuckie is a good looking suburban husband with a high paying job and a hotwife on his arm. On the surface, any man would admire Chuckie. After all, he’s atractive, has a terrific job, and is married to a horny hot wife who fucks his brains out every night. Right?

Wrong. Cuckie Chuckie is a creampie eating slut whose hot wife cuckolds him every chance she gets! How did that happen? Read on.

Cookie’s Compromise

Cuckie and his wife Cookie had been married for two years when Cookie decided it was time to have a talk. You see, on the wedding night following an old-fashioned courtship, Cookie had been supremely disappointed to find out that Chuckie was sporting only a little sprout of a prick between his legs. She tried to mask her disappointment by telling him her tears were because she was overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of finally being married to her true love, and being the attractive and popular guy that he was, Chuckie believed that to be the case.

That is, until two years later, when Cookie, tired of faking orgasms and feigning interest in Chuckie’s miniature member, could take it no longer and finally gave him a clue. Cookie tried to be gentle, explaining that she still loved Chuckie, his money, and all he could provide for her, but she no longer had any interest in ever touching his puny pee pee again.

As you might imagine, Chuckie was devastated and wondering how he could possibly go on with his life… until Cookie proposed a compromise.

Cookie the Cuckoldress

Stay tuned to read more about Cookie’s Compromise and find out how Cookie became a Cuckoldress….

Catch you next time, cuckies-

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