There’s more than one way to cuckold, what’s your favorite? Oh.. I see that look in your eye, sweat on your brow, you have a secret, and the secret is the reason you want your wife to cuckold you, is so you can suck cock. Sounds like you’re a great candidate for cuckolding cocksucker training!

Cuckolding Cocksucker Training

Unless you’re openly gay or bisexual, there are many men that fear the shame and backlash of wanting to experiment with other men. Because of the sadly overly religious and homophobic nature of society. And cuckolding cocksuckers – some of you – seem to think that if a woman is present that will make you having a cock in your mouth less gay. Well I’ve got news for you: Having a cock in your mouth does not automatically make you gay! As a matter of fact, there’s nothing wrong with sexual experimentation without labels.

End Pride Month With Cuckolding Cocksucker Training

If you’re shy about how to find another cock to suck, the good news is that you can train to be a cocksucker without having another man present. Just get yourself a suction base dildo and a full length mirror. Get on your knees and place the dildo at level with your mouth. And then…. START SUCKING YOUR FIRST COCK! Easy right? I know… you penis people tend to over-complicate things when you can’t think straight. LOL So what do you do after you’ve gotten enough cocksucker practice in? You’re ready for the big leagues.

Entering The Cuckold Lifestyle With A Real Cuckoldress

So you’re ready to suck a real cock and you feel more comfortable with a lady present? Perfect! Experienced Cuckoldress’ know that having someone there to guide you – and feed you – your first cocksucker experience can be a thrill and even better than that if you’re a voyeur, you’ll get excited knowing someone is watching you suck another man’s cock. If you enjoy humiliation, a cuckoldress giving you your first instruction while telling you what a filthy little slut you are, covers all your bases. I know you cocksuckers love attention, don’t you?

mouth gag dildo

Brighton turns you into her mouth gag dildo harness! 1-800-601-6975

Cuckolding Cocksucker Training Fantasy

Here’s a great prompt, for you. Your wife comes home late, and you didn’t even know she was out. When she walks through the door she’s visibly ruffled and rumpled, and you notice she’s walking a little differently. You try to hug and kiss her but she’s not interested and tells you “we need to talk.”  She breaks the news to you that she’s taken a lover, and that she wants to include YOU. Shocked, you ask what she means, and she tells you she wants you to be not only cuckolded, but she wants you to participate, by showing this other man a good time by giving him a blowjob in front of her.

Happy Pride from LDW!

You’re Not Even A Little Upset Are You?

You try to pretend you’re upset, but your face is flushed and you have a growing erection, and then you start stammering. Good thing your wife knows you well huh? She smirks, and before you can reply she says, “I knew you’d be into this.. cuckold hubby,” and proceeds to give you a handjob…. and you very quickly make a mess in your shorts. She’s got you right where she wants you!  Of course if you prefer a more risque roleplay, where say, you are coerced to do so reluctantly, that can also be an option.

Phone Femdom Cuckolding Cocksucker Training

Now if you’re into real time one on one cocksucker training, I’d love to hear from you!  We can discuss your fantasy, or your reality of being a cuckold cocksucker. Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Also reminder that this is STILL my phone sex anniversary month and I’m still celebrating! Remember, it’s only super gay if you can see yourself picking out curtains and dinnerware with him and planning a sissy bride wedding. Hope you’ve had a great Pride Month! If you’re looking for texting, custom assignments, custom audios or phone sex audios, read my signature!


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