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The Big Dick Cuckold – Can You Cuckold A Well Endowed Man?

big dick cuckold

Is there such a thing as a Big Dick Cuckold? 1-800-601-6975

Big dick cuckold might sound like an oxymoron, but I can assure they are not mythical creatures. In many instances of cuckolding fantasies, it is usually the partner in the relationship being cuckolded because he is inadequate in the bedroom and cannot satisfy his lover. Not in every case, but in quite a good amount of the calls I have, men with smaller penises enjoy being cuckolded by their size queen wife or girlfriend. But not all cuckold’s have a small penis. My boyfriend’s got a big dick. But… so does my boy toy in London… and that guy that came to fix my central air. What am I saying? Can a well endowed man be a big dick cuckold? The answer is YES.

Big Dick Cuckold Gets Put In His Place

Make no mistake, my cuckold loves being my dirty little – or should I say big – slut bunny. But I have in the past had to let someone know that no matter how big their dick was, they were going to be my big dick cuckold, or they could find the door. I’ve also never had a problem getting what I want. My boyfriend knows what I like, and I’m fortunate that he’s just as kinky as I am, and doesn’t mind sharing. You should have seen the load he sprayed all over his face – for me – when I described in detail the many ways my British boy toy pleasured me. And I think of myself as a very giving and fair, cuckoldress. I enjoy getting fucked against a wall just as much as I take joy from seeing him on his knees. Are you a big dick cuckold? I’d love to hear your cuckolding stories.

6 comments to The Big Dick Cuckold – Can You Cuckold A Well Endowed Man?

  • bfla

    Definitely penis size is not the only thing that leads to cuckolding. I love the fantasy even though I don’t have a small penis. It’s about seeing her happy, being pleasured by someone else while knowing how much I want her at that moment. And hell, big dicks can be kinky too, lol.

  • Brighton

    The more big dicks, the happy I am, bfla. Hahahahahaha and yes big dicks are kinky and FUN!

  • Henry Rearden

    The stories about the small penis cuck get old – cuckolding and wife sharing for real people is a much bigger turn on

  • God your voice is such a turn on. Would love to have a chat very soon 😉

  • Brighton

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Brighton

    Yes, cuckolding does not always equal the cuck having lowly endowments. And cuckolding a man with a nice penis is such a mind fuck for him. 🙂

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